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  1. No i created the tables originally in evernote back in May 2017. the tables were more primitive back then, I was able to use the formatting toolbar to make text formatted as a code block inside a table cell. I use this feature to display code in one column, and a graphical output in the other column.
  2. I want to format text in a table cell as a code block, but I cannot get the code block formatting to appear. I press the {} formatting button in a table cell and nothing happens. I try to type some text, then highlight it and press the code block button, nothing happens. I have some legacy tables that have the code block in the table cell, but now I cannot make any new cells that have the code block in them. Can anyone else make a code block inside a table cell? Thanks
  3. It is sad that evernote food is now discontinued. there is literally no other app out there that does what evernote food does. I would seriously pay extra to maintain evernote food.
  4. You totally missed the point of all the feedback in this thread. No one here is upset at the loss of recipes, everyone like the current evernote food's ability to easily record meal and restaurants! The best feature of evernote food is the ability to automatically extract information from the photo's EXIF data to automatically set dates, location, and what meal of the day it might be, and the ability to sort meals based on proximity.
  5. If you are retiring the app, can you open source it? At least someone then could keep it up to date with ios/android OS's and the latest evernote api's.
  6. So sad to see this feature discontinued. I really like the note taking template for evernote food. Is there a way to duplicate that kind of template so I can continue to save food notes? Does evernote even have note taking templates? Sorry, can you also point me to a simple app that just does food logging? (pictures, restaurant(w/ location), comments/captions, tags) and the ability to set the "note created date" to the timestamp from the pictures EXIF data, and locate restaruants from the same EXIF data.
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