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  1. Yes, its slowness is appalling. I'm doing the most basic operations and seeing the spinning wheel going for 15, 20 seconds at times. That is painful as I'm going through multiple notes and trying to get things done. Evernote has become unrecognizable.
  2. Yup, that's what I do, too (nesting). Yuck, I'll break down and install the legacy version on my Mac. The time I'm spending fighting v10 is simply not feasible. 😕
  3. I also use Postach.io to keep two of my blogs. I've just published a post a few days ago through V10 and it seems to work fine. +1 on all of your other points. Not only do we need a list of "no longer supported" features, but also "will they ever be supported again?".
  4. also, a "clear roadmap" would spell out what cities we are visiting on this trip and when we're likely to get to each of them. Currently, it seems like we used to live in an oasis, but was blindfolded, taken away from it, stripped of our most valuable possessions, and left in the middle of an unknown village.
  5. I'll jump in since the changes in Tags have disrupted my flow as well. As part of my monthly review process, I go through my tags and notebook structures in Evernote, to make sure they still make sense, combining tags, removing some, nesting others. The legacy version allows me to see tags in a panel that took up the entire screen, which made it easier to see a lot of tags at once and arrange them to my needs. V10's approach, seeing tags in a single column, makes that process much harder.
  6. I wonder if the 12-year old WPF-based version of Evernote would still run fine today. If I'm running v10 but have to go back to a previous version, I say that's a step back. Releasing a new version lacking an immense number of features from its predecessor is a terrible move from the user's perspective.
  7. I understand I can take that step back, but that won't guarantee a clear path moving forward. I remember when the first version of Evernote for Windows came out. It was built on WPF, which shortly ever release was proven to be the wrong choice. They rebuilt the tool from scratch on a different tech stack. I don't remember having to take any massive step back at the time. This recent update, though, this is a huge step back. Given the number of features that are gone, and know clear roadmap moving forward, I have to seriously consider looking out to alternatives, as much as I dislike that idea.
  8. Evernote user since 2009. I have 29k notes. It's January, 2021, and I'm starting to check out Notion. Version 10 of Evernote is such a huge disappointment. Stripping away features that have become a core of my personal system was a horrible move, and I may have lost my trust on the company. 😞
  9. For the first time in 13 years I regret having installed a new version of Evernote. I wanted to check out the new Home feature, so I just installed the new version on my Mac, and I've learned that a feature I use ALL DAY LONG, "Command+T" (to open new tabs) is GONE. I cannot begin to tell you how frustrated I am with this. Here's how I (used to) use tabs: https://lassala.net/2019/11/04/using-evernote-tabs-and-tags/ The panel to organize Tags is also gone. Now I only see the tags list in one column, which is NOT the best way to see this information when I have a large screen in front of me. This may be the "Windows Vista" version of Evernote for me.
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