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  1. offline notes, multiple devices, email in notes etc I think that probably makes you a "power user" too. I used multiple tabs and some keyboard shortcuts. These are gone. So using a few tabs, and a few keyboard shortcuts has apparently made me a "power user". ("it happened to me - so it could happen to you...") Really the bar for "power user" seems to have been set amazingly low by Evernote. No tabs, no preference settings, nuked keyboard shortcuts.
  2. I have updated to evernote 10 today - and I'm stunned (in not a good way). No multiple windows. No multiple tabs in each window. Nada. You now have, in essence, just ONE TAB only. Holy cow! I understand pruning, but this is like cutting down the tree and leaving me with just a single branch. My use scenario: using tabs, (and then also windows) would give me an overview of notes related to what I'm working on. I used to open several tabs each with a topic e.g. tag:c++ tag:c++, tag:read tag:c++, tag:top_articles tag:c++, tag:toreview you get the idea - and use tabs to switch between them, getting a good overview of my notes / articles related to a topic (for e.g. c++ there's several thousand) then I'd open another window and e.g. tag:fourier tag:fourier, read tag:dsp, tag:frequency_domain tag:fourier, c_language So via tabs, (and then also windows) I'd have a good overview of a topic (or several). (and I also had my most frequent groups of searches automated via applescript and key commands) **Am I correct that opening multiple searches simultaneously is now just.... gone ?** I'm stunned. I have been a premium user for several years. This amount of regression is just... heartbreakingly annoying, and unnecessary. One search at a time? That's it?
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