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  1. Forget about all of the little changes, like removing all but 6 fonts (and then reformatting all of my hundreds of notes). All of the Preferences are GONE with the macOS version. So, I can no longer disable super annoying things like automatically adding a period (.) after a word if I add extra spaces to line something up on a column boundary. I am seriously looking at this pile of dog SH** and wondering if now is the time to move to OneNote.
  2. I have the same problem, but there is a twist: on my Thunderbolt Display or built-in retina display (MacBook Retina, Early 2013), scrolling w/ PDFs is *completely* smooth. On my Dell display, connected via HDMI, it is *completely* unusable (exactly as described by others, above). Clearly, this is a display driver issue, related to something that Evernote is using to render embedded PDFs (i.e. NOT viewed as attachments). It would be super great, as a work-around, to be able to toggle on/off ALL PDFs to in a note as attachments or in-line, so I could at least get back to work.
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