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  1. In response to my own question, as per this webpage the Evernote Helper is a feature not yet available. Great job, Team Evernote! Great update!
  2. Used to be able to drag a doc (or multiple docs) from the Finder up to the Evernote icon at the top of the screen. A new note would then be created with the embedded doc(s). Was this functionality removed in v.10.0.10?
  3. This is a travesty. Looks like a lot of folks are complaining about this and getting their individual posts merged into this master thread. I used the Submit Feedback option from the Help dropdown to complain about this. There is even a specific feedback area with something like "what do you think about search?" I suggest everyone submit feedback via this mechanism to the Evernote team.
  4. Looks like the keyboard shortcut for search is gone in the latest 10.0.1 on Mac? I used to type CMD+J and a search window would pop-up. Documentation here says the Search in Evernote keyboard shortcut is "Not Available" in the new version. This baffles the mind
  5. Hi PinkElephant - I don't believe you will be able to reproduce the problem on your MacBook. I never experience these issues on any of my Mac laptops. Everything is the latest and greatest on my MacPro. Cheers...
  6. Took a quick screen capture. I wish it also grabbed that damned pinwheel. Aside from the slowness rendering a PDF, it's nearly impossible to scroll through a doc in-line. I'm trying to do that near the end of the capture. This is not an issue on my mac air... Screen Recording 2019-06-25 at 12.02.19 PM.mov
  7. I believe this particular problem is somehow related to an interplay between Evernote and Mac desktop OS X display drivers/graphics system. The problem is extremely laggy in-line (in-note) display of PDFs and other embedded docs (Word, PP, etc.) It's so laggy (constant pin-wheeling) as to render Evernote almost completely useless as a serious productivity tool. The catch is that this is not an issue at all on any Mac laptop I've tested with - including an older, underpowered Air. The laggy issue is on a fully spec'd Mac Pro (late 2013 cylinder model) with dual GPUs. I'
  8. An update if anyone cares: We're now at Evernote v.7.10 and the problem has *not* been resolved. It remains intolerably slow and nigh unusable for any note containing PDFs. Interesting post by "krutsch" - I can confirm that viewing embedded PDFs on my underpowered Mac Air laptop is not an issue.
  9. I am also aware that this forum is not Evernote support. I have not contacted them yet. I'm trying to get an idea if 1) these issues have been plaguing other users 2) there are any available performance tweaks
  10. @DTLow Usually PDFs are opened as an attachment - even that process to simply open the PDF is slow. But there are plenty of times when I want to peruse the doc in-line - even if it's just to double-check that it's the correct document. Inline viewing is garbage slow at this point. Just scrolling down a page results in pinwheeling. This was never an issue in the past. I would be able to scroll through a 900 page manual if I wanted.
  11. Running the latest 7.8 on Mac Pro 10.14.2 w/64G RAM + SSD Evernote is extremely slow w/pinwheeling on any notes containing PDFs. It's so slow as to render Evernote almost useless as a productivity app. Any other app (e.g., office, etc.) is blazing fast. This problem has persisted for a while - maybe as early as v.7.2. I've done a full and complete uninstall/install. Evernote is used within my group as a professional productivity app. For years it has been a repository for manuals and the like. Huge PDF manuals were never an issue but now 2 page PDFs result in a pinwhee
  12. Has anyone experienced any improvements at all since the last posting? As of now, I'm running Evernote 7.8 on a Mac Pro with 64G RAM. It is often intolerably slow. Especially if the note contains a PDF. My group uses this in a professional environment for thousands of notes. This solution no longer seems tenable. edit: Thought I'd add I have an SSD and have already done a complete reinstall...
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