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  1. Try writing the following: http://www.google.com - Hello This auto turns to: http://www.google.com Hello The correct behavior is to only turn text to bullets if the * and - appear in the beginning of the line. The same thing happens if you paste a URL or a Note link. Evernote version: 6.13.3
  2. @KosterbyYour solution works great. Thanks for reposting it or I would miss it!
  3. Trying. Thanks for promo codes. Used: BUUJKFYXRC2TF0K601GA7HC
  4. Sure. The link to the note is done here: INTERNAL_LINK_PREFIX = "evernote:///view/" url = INTERNAL_LINK_PREFIX + "{1}/{0}/{2}/{2}/".format(get_user().shardId, get_user().id, dst_note.guid) Basically to create a link to the note you need to get the shardId, userId and the guid of the note. The resulting format looks like so: evernote:///view/187234871/s6/6e66ef87-f5cc-42ce-a9e9-7b517905fc87/6e66ef87-f5cc-42ce-a9e9-7b517905fc87/
  5. I've updated the image. Hope it is clearer now.
  6. Sorry, I should make the images clearer. The utility doesn't create any new notes. It merely checks the existing links and adds backlinks to the notes that are linked.
  7. When my notes get large, I like to break them out and create index/table-of-contents notes. However, it is hard to say later when looking on such note whether it belongs to any index. This project can help you with that. It takes notes from looking like that: Then the utility goes over all your recently edited notes and adds backlinks to the content notes, back to the notes that link to it. Bringing it to look like this: You can read the instructions and get the app here: https://github.com/vitalybe/evernote-back-linker-2 The solution is Python based so it should work on all OS
  8. I've actually just finished updating my project that does exactly that: https://github.com/vitalybe/evernote-back-linker-2
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