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  1. Try writing the following: http://www.google.com - Hello This auto turns to: http://www.google.com Hello The correct behavior is to only turn text to bullets if the * and - appear in the beginning of the line. The same thing happens if you paste a URL or a Note link. Evernote version: 6.13.3
  2. @KosterbyYour solution works great. Thanks for reposting it or I would miss it!
  3. Trying. Thanks for promo codes. Used: BUUJKFYXRC2TF0K601GA7HC
  4. Sure. The link to the note is done here: INTERNAL_LINK_PREFIX = "evernote:///view/" url = INTERNAL_LINK_PREFIX + "{1}/{0}/{2}/{2}/".format(get_user().shardId, get_user().id, dst_note.guid) Basically to create a link to the note you need to get the shardId, userId and the guid of the note. The resulting format looks like so: evernote:///view/187234871/s6/6e66ef87-f5cc-42ce-a9e9-7b517905fc87/6e66ef87-f5cc-42ce-a9e9-7b517905fc87/
  5. I've updated the image. Hope it is clearer now.
  6. Sorry, I should make the images clearer. The utility doesn't create any new notes. It merely checks the existing links and adds backlinks to the notes that are linked.
  7. When my notes get large, I like to break them out and create index/table-of-contents notes. However, it is hard to say later when looking on such note whether it belongs to any index. This project can help you with that. It takes notes from looking like that: Then the utility goes over all your recently edited notes and adds backlinks to the content notes, back to the notes that link to it. Bringing it to look like this: You can read the instructions and get the app here: https://github.com/vitalybe/evernote-back-linker-2 The solution is Python based so it should work on all OS
  8. I've actually just finished updating my project that does exactly that: https://github.com/vitalybe/evernote-back-linker-2
  9. No idea about AppleScript capabilities, though. If it can do network access, it should be possible. However, I think it'll be easier to use Mono to run it on Macs.
  10. Evernote has an ability to create a link from one note to another. It is great for creating "Tables of contents", main vs sub pages and in general for any note organizaiton. However, when you open a note that might be linked from somewhere else, you will have no idea where it is linked from. This application scans all your notes and creates a backlink at the top of the notes that link to it. For example, if you create a note All about my car, add some text and then create a link to another note Car history and then run the app, it will add a backlink, e.g: The project and its source are accessible here: https://github.com/vitalybe/evernote-back-linker Note: You need Windows and Visual Studio to compile the project. If there is an interest, I can create a proper binary (exe) release as well .
  11. Heads up - Seems that Evernote started handling this issue, at least for the Mac version: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/31179-long-time-user-1st-time-poster-evernote-bullet-lists-needs-to-be-fixed-now/page-4#entry289606 Hopefully it will be in Windows version soon
  12. I would really like to hear what's going on with this feature. I do miss it. It really annoys me how sometime Evernote goes one step forward and 2 steps back .
  13. That's an interesting idea, however, it only works well with notes that contain ONLY the picture. If it is a note with image and some text, you might be missing important notes just because the embedded image has a bad OCR. Hopefully Evernote will provide a more integral solution .
  14. I have several images and pdfs that are in non-English languages. Evernote insists on running OCR on these images and as result, search returns some very irrelevant results. I'd like to have a way to (one of these in that order): 1) An option to allow OCR to ONLY specific images/pdf 2) Exclude selected images/pdf from OCR 3) An option to disable OCR for the account completely Thanks, Vitaly
  15. F3 is great to change current note tag. But how do I change the notebook that the note is in. Do I have to use the mouse? Thanks!
  16. Currently it seems to me that the process of adding new notes is a bit cumbersome. For example, I want to make a quick photo note, here is the process I envision: 1) Press the "Photo" button on the widget 2) Photo camera comes up 3) Press the capture picture button. 4) Note is, at this point, is made. I could retake the photo, but if I press "Home" button at this point, the note should already exist and be uploaded. Here are the steps that I have to make today: 1) Press the "Photo" button on the widget 2) Photo camera comes up 3) Press the capture picture button. 4) Press the "Accept" button 5) I am transferred to blank note button. 6) Press the (tiny) "Save" button I understand that sometimes it'd be nice to add some data on the photo you took, but for me at least, 99% of the times I just want to snap a quick photo of something to remember. I will add more details when I am near the computer since it is when it is more comfortable to me to do so. For your future consideration. Thanks, Vitaly
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