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  1. Problem happening on Chrome, running in Incognito mode. Just for chuckles: i did a fresh install of FireFox. No addons, extensions, nuthin'! Same thing. Like I said, "It's a bug!"
  2. I want to update this topic: here is where the buggy behavior happens: I want to move the note (whether existing or new) to a different notebook. Instinctively, through many years of using Evernote, I tap on the Notebook icon right at the top of the editor window. Oops. That's no longer the way to move a note. We now have to tap the 3 vertical dots Then tap "Move to" and select the notebook to which we are moving the note. BOOM! Note totally disappears Evernote cleverly opens some (apparently) random other note. That's definitely a bug, Houston.
  3. Good news: it looks like Evernote has fixed this. I had first reported this to them via another channel about two months ago. Three cheers, Evernote, for fixing it! Now if we can get a less cludgy way of moving the note to a new notebook (like the way it was before) that would be good.
  4. I thought I was in the right forum... beta, web client. Thanks for the link
  5. Dave, thanks for weighing in. I have about 40 shortcuts. Only about half of them are visible. Definitely a bug and Evernote needs to fix it!
  6. UPDATE (yes, it REALLY is a bug): here is where the buggy behavior happens: I want to move the note (whether existing or new) to a different notebook. Instinctively, through many years of using Evernote, I tap on the Notebook icon right at the top of the editor window. Oops. That's no longer the way to move a note. (By the way, Evernote: please put it back. Your "new" steps involve to much unproductive and unnecessary extra steps. Plus, those of us very faithful, long term users are accustomed to it being the other way, which is far more productive!) We now have to tap
  7. Thank you to the Evernote team for your hard work to keep driving Evernote to the next level! I use the web beta editor and I hope this forum is the right place to post observations of things missing, not work right and/or needed. For this topic: the web beta editor is missing many of my Shortcuts, which appear just fine in the Windows & Android apps. Thank you for fixing this! Keep up the good work! Mark Evernote user since 2010
  8. When I click on Tags in the left pane, bringing up the Tags window, all of the tags displayed are truncated too far... forces display to no more than 15 characters. Please change this, or at least give the user an option to set truncation where they want it. Also, the current Tags window does not display subtags. We need this functionality as it already available in Evernote for Windows and Evernote for Android. I'm sure this is something you are working on.... but just in case it's not, this friendly reminder that it is needed. Thank you! Mark
  9. When you click on Tags in the left pane and it brings up all the tags (VERY nice), when you click on an individual tag and a drop-down presents a few options, an important one is missing: the ability to move the tag to be a subtag under another tag. Please implement this, as is very important. Frankly, it would be good to have a way to select more than one tag and then be able to move all of them as a subtag under another tag. THANK YOU!
  10. Bottom line: Evernote needs to restore the functionality to their new web app. That's my point.
  11. Not so. I'm doing just that right now in the current (not beta) version. Typing a word will find it anywhere in a tag. Could be the first word, a middle word or the last word in a tag. That's the same functionality with the Android app. But not in the Windows desktop application. VERY helpful feature. We need it back!
  12. The new web client is looking good! Very clean, good organization. Two observations of problems with tagging a note: Cannot search based on a term IN a tag. For instance, I have a tag "Customers - Commercial". I'm using to typing in "Comm" and finding this tag quickly. The beta only searches the front of the string. So, using my example, "Comm" only brings up tags that have "Comm" at the front of the tag, not "Comm" contained in the tag. Maybe I'm missing something? Not all tags that are assigned to a note are visible. Runs off the screen. Need to have all assigned tags visibl
  13. I use Evernote on many different platforms.... now I have a new Chromebook and am thrilled with the performance, beating out Windows easily. This is now my go to device for work and writing. I'm thrilled to be able to use the Evernote Android app on this platform. Overall, it works well.... except for one thing... the creation of a new note. It takes 45-60 seconds for the note content area to FINALLY be available in this situation. My conclusion is the "template" thing in the note area apparently takes a while to load. This bogs down the application on something I rarely have use for.
  14. I concur with what CalS said (below) I just downloaded Evernote for Windows version and now many of my notes are empty. Or Evernote will say "downloading content". Why? The content should ALREADY be "downloaded" and in Evernote desktop. Someone else said this and I strongly (and sadly) concur: the Evernote people are infamous for breaking "something else" whenever there is an update. I have been using Evernote Premium for 8 years and this has always been the case. It's called poor version management and poor quality control. I absolutely dread downloading Evernote's latest "up
  15. Thanks everyone for you helpful input on this topic. I'm glad to hear that the latest version may have addressed this issue.
  16. UPDATE: the bug occurs when you add a new note after having performed a search based on a tag. That should not happen. Just because I search something, doesn't mean I'm forced into using a tag in a new note.
  17. Ever since the latest Evernote update the following bug has developed: Click new note button to create a new note. A new note comes up, but instead of having no tags it already has one tag in it and this tag cannot be removed, not matter what I do. Long time user of Evernote. Know what I'm talking about. I know normal Evernote functionality. This is not a normal. this is a bug. Please fix ASAP. Thank you. Windows desktop version: (305825) Windows version: 10 Home latest
  18. Thanks, csihilling. Hopefully, Evernote will get going and get this fixed.
  19. To see the list of Saved Searches in Evernote, according to the Evernote Help webpage on Saved Searches: As of Evernote version (305512) Public, this functionality is no longer working. Clicking or tapping on the Search Notes box or the magnifying glass icon at the right of that box does nothing. I would appreciate it if Evernote engineering would fix this bug right away, as this is essential Evernote user functionality. Thank you.
  20. Yeah, been there done that many times in over 40 years of doing tech. I will say in all those years, Evernote is close to the top of the list for having the nasty habit of breaking things that were working before with their "latest updates". They really need to improve their quality control standards when it comes to the release of a version of their software. I've observed this only with their Windows application. Android, it's a different (way better) story. Needless to say, I'm going through the drill with their tech support of sending logs, etc.....
  21. Evernote support has finally reached out to me and I am sending them information and logs Etc. It is interesting that I'm having this happen on two separate machines running two different versions of windows with two separate Evernote accounts. It's also interesting that this is exactly like the problem that existed before and when that problem existed Evernote had told me that it was a known issue with their software. As a matter of fact they encouraged me to download a beta version of the next software and that worked. And then of course that next version of software with the correction repl
  22. [I sent this out via Evernote Support on May 4th and besides a computer-generated email response saying "we got your support request and we'll be in touch with you", Evernote Support (and I am a Premium paying customer) has been silent for 4 days]: We are back to square one: months ago I complained about the terrible, sluggish performance of Evernote when typing a note. The next update of Evernote cleared out the issue. Everything wonderfully well after that corrective update. Unfortunately, the latest update, "version (304720) Public" which was I installed about 2-3 weeks ag
  23. Thanks, Robert, for your thoughts. You are spot on. I have, in fact, detailed what is lacking, in this and other venues. This topic was meant to address the lack of response from Evernote concerning what I and many other users are frustrated with. Fundamentally, I do not consider it "progress" or an "upgrade" when the software regresses and downgrades (removing features we have had for a long time and depend on). It seems clear to me that Evernote has made assumptions about how its users actually use their software. They have oversimplified things and in so doing, made it more difficult to
  24. I, like so many of your faithful users and strong believers in Evernote (so strong we recommend Evernote to many others), are downright frustrated with the "latest and greatest" Evernote web app. The bottom line: many, many features that we enjoyed in the "old" version are GONE. That is a massive, huge mistake. This is very, very disruptive to the work flows of many people, including me. That means that this "beta" is not even "alpha". It is "sub alpha", when you take away many features that we have depended on, including ease of use. Ever since the web beta was released, when I log into E
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