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  1. Here's an idea for premium users - provide a network diagram of related topics. In particular I'd like to see my tags be associated. If I am reading an article with tag A, but there are 5 more articles that are tagged with tag B where A and B are "related", I'd like to know about those other 5. For example, maybe A="Public Speaking" and B="Speechwriting". How you create that association, I'm not sure. Maybe it's simply that some of my notes are tagged with both of these tags ( A and B ), and since _this_ note is only tagged with A, I might be interested in B. I know you've got "related notes" and that's great, but I'd like to see why they are related. and more results. I realize this might go against the "simple" design aesthetic, but it would be immmensly useful. An example here: http://altbibl.io/dst4l/topic-modeling-and-gephi/ I know nothing of this page or it's content other than it represented what I was trying to explain after a quick search.
  2. +1 This has been a frequent frustration. The fact that I've been a paid premium member for many years, does that make my vote any more important? Please... you guys have done so much to make the application usable and responded to user feedback very effectively in the past. This is the last thing for me (of course famous last words, but still...) Thanks
  3. I have been a paid customer since 2009. I've struggled with some early versions of the software, and been very happy with the development of the product and service. However, this one feature has been asked for since I started, and while a random comment in some podcast says "inevitable", that doesn't help me in any way. This one feature will be the reason I pack up and move to a different service. There is way too much competition for Evernote to deny such a simply and obvious feature. Stop with the UI polishing and get one with features that actually matter to the customers that pay your paychecks.
  4. Drag and drop also works directly into a note, even with multiple items. So if you want one note that contains a number of pictures (for example, all in an event), create a new note, select all pictures, and drag and drop.
  5. I can't seem to find any reference to this on this site or anywhere else. I can easily ADD tags to multiple notes. However, I can't seem to find a way to edit tags on multiple notes. I realize there are a few use cases under this request, but I need to find a way to remove a tag from a bunch of notes. My notes carry multiple tags, so any given note may have a mix of tags in them. I'd like to be able to select a number of notes, then (for my current problem) delete a tag from them. Since we have a way to easily add tags to multiple notes (drag and drop), we'd just need a method for removing a tag. If something exists, any help would be appreciated. If this is actually a feature request, may I suggest presenting a list of all the tags in those notes with an X next to them that I can click to remove. Whatever UI standard Evernote is trying to follow, make it consistent, but I'm thinking showing common tags in regular black text, tags that are not represented in all notes in grey, or something like that. You could also use the checkbox with checkmark or shaded box method (ala Windows installer).
  6. You know, I think the whole tags vs folders thing is summed up quite well in this snippet: (from http://webworkerdaily.com/2007/02/15/10 ... ur-e-mail/) The last sentence should continue with, "Filers think Searcher's and Tagger's systems are annoying and time-consuming." Holy wars can continue or systems can be implemented to satisfy everyone.
  7. I can appreciate that you are trying to protect us from ourselves, but if I am an intelligent human being, couldn't you present me with a 5,000 legal agreement that I can click through that says if my account is compromised, it's my own fault? It's rather tiresome to have to login on the web interface every week and the web clipper? Really? The whole point of a single click webclipper is so it's quick. If I then have to re-enter my username and password, it is no longer quick. Could you please help those that can actually help themselves?
  8. Since the other "tag v folder" thread was locked, I'll pick it up here. My 2 cents is this: While I could join the holy war on folders or tags, the bottom line is that if the "solution" is to use tags to organize, then why isn't this consistent across platforms? On my iPhone I have folders only, no tags. So if my hands are to be tied to the tag post, give me the tools to use the "solution". Oh, and I want a _list_ of tags, preferably in a hierarchy, not just allow me to search guessing what tags I've applied at some date in the past.
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