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  1. +1 This has been a frequent frustration. The fact that I've been a paid premium member for many years, does that make my vote any more important? Please... you guys have done so much to make the application usable and responded to user feedback very effectively in the past. This is the last thing for me (of course famous last words, but still...) Thanks
  2. I have been a paid customer since 2009. I've struggled with some early versions of the software, and been very happy with the development of the product and service. However, this one feature has been asked for since I started, and while a random comment in some podcast says "inevitable", that doesn't help me in any way. This one feature will be the reason I pack up and move to a different service. There is way too much competition for Evernote to deny such a simply and obvious feature. Stop with the UI polishing and get one with features that actually matter to the customers that pay your paychecks.
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