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  1. I have Evernote for mac 10.10.5 and am running a iMac with Big Sur 11.2 and it is finally working for me. I'm not sure about the iMac requirements, but when I went back to legacy EN for a while it was working.
  2. Do the developers at Evernote know about this stuff and is it not a priority to fix? I have so many files and tags set up in the system it would be a huge undertaking to switch software at this point. What is going on?
  3. @agsteele Thank you for the tip! I have to use Legacy for other things so I guess I will just use it all the time now!
  4. If I print a note or "print to PDF," it will completely cut a the note off at the margins instead of adjusting the size to fit, rendering it completely useless. I have tried everything and cannot figure out how to get my notes into a format other than Evernote so I can use them. I've tried "scaling to fit" and adjusting the note itself. Once again, my "wizard tool" for grad school is just causing me headache and extra hours of troubleshooting when I should be studying.
  5. I am having this issue. When I print, even when I select "print to fit page" on my printer, the note runs off the page. I am having to transfer my notes to Word docs as well.
  6. I have a similar problem. When I search for keyword, a note with a scanned PDF will show up in the results, but the term is not highlighted ANYWHERE in the document. Even if I open the PDF and search for the term, I cannot find it. Evernote seems to recognize the keyword is in the scanned PDF but can't highlight it or find it when I search specifically in the document. The previous versions allowed me to do this. I'm so frustrated and have been using Evernote to get through grad school. Now I'm getting behind because this tool is letting me down.
  7. I have the same issue and I'm in graduate school and it's killing me. Can someone help us? What can we do?
  8. When I copy basic text from MS Word and paste it into a note, the paragraphs are reordered and reorganized. Sometimes the last paragraph won't even paste at all. For example, the fifth paragraph in the Word document will jump up and is now the third paragraph in the Evernote. If I paste "as plain text" the order of the text stays the same, but the indentations and bullet points are replaced with strange symbols like 6 bold horizontal lines stacked on top of each other. This makes the note impossible to read and I have to spend forever fixing it. This never happened before the update and I'm very frustrated and losing productivity even as I take time to write this.
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