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  1. The full list of Tags is only available as a narrow column pop out. I have based my whole Evernote experience around nesting tags and it is tedious and try to move Tags around when you have to constantly scroll trough the list. Can we please have back the All Tags view in a full window.
  2. I do basic word proccing in Evernote and I need to print these notes regularly. For the past couple of months, notes have not been printing text past a certain point in the note. Usually around the start of page three of the print. Sometimes it will cut off mid line. (print the top half of the text and not the bottom.) Sometimes, printed notes will split a line of text between two pages, printing the top of the line on one page and the bottom of the page on the other. I am coping and pasting notes into Word as a work around. It this cant be fixed I will need to stop using Evernote in my daily work flow.
  3. I must have the "All Tags" view back. Evernote and my system for tracking info is simply unworkable without this view. I need to be able to move and nest tags. Bring this back yesterday.
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