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  1. I use SwiftScan for similar page reordering, which is how I hoped to do it within Evernote. I'd rather not have to process the scan as a PDF or use another app, but I appreciate the idea. For now I will mark the note with a reminder and manipulate the pages in the desktop app when I switch to it on heavier input days.
  2. It's 2021, not 1990, and no one in my publishing business - paper based by the way - uses business cards anymore. Everything is electronic. Contacts get stored in phone books or other directories. It's really frustrating to batch scan documents in Evernote and have it constantly erroneously detect a document as being a business card when it never, ever is. If I do my monthly paperwork I would say that Evernote has more than a 50% failure rate by auto-detecting that a document is a business card when I've never actually scanned a business card in my Android app. I recognize that some people still use business cards, but they aren't that common anymore, even outside this pandemic. Perhaps you can offer us an option in preferences to turn off that function so that auto-detect never thinks that something is a business card, and always defaults to color document or our personal preference for scans. It would also be nice if that function would just be turned off and Evernote doesn't try to do the detection; let us decide what type it is. In a related function, I'd like the "auto" detection for new photo-based notes to be turned on by default. I rarely save photos of items and nearly always save documents, and having to select auto every new document slows my processing time down. The app is already painfully slow for me on my Samsung S10+.
  3. I need to be able to drag and drop scanned (photo, auto) pages in the order in which I need them, rather than the order in which Evernote successfully scans them. Sometimes the scan quality is bad, and I need to scan the page over again. That leaves them in the order in which I have edited them, after likely deleting some of them, not the paginated order in which they might appear in a user manual, for example. I thought I was able to drag and drop pages so that they would be laid out in the order in which I needed them saved, but that doesn't happen. Either that or I've done it in another scanning app and Evernote just doesn't currently offer that function in this Android app.
  4. When I try to move a newly created note to a notebook other than the one it's defaulted to, I'd like to be able to move it to a notebook without having to choose the icon that appears at the beginning of that notebook name in the list. Sometimes I can click on the text-based notebook name, but a lot of times that doesn't work and I have to click on the icon at the very beginning of that line. That really doesn't make a lot of sense to me, and requires me to reach all the way over to the left side of my phone which isn't easy to do, the bigger my phone screen is. Most lists and functions don't work this way, where you have to reach all the way over to the left side to select the icon. If that isn't how it's designed to work, then you may want to do something to increase the sensitivity or appearance of the notebook names, because I can rarely switch to another notebook in that list without clicking multiple times. I don't have this problem with any other function in the Evernote Android app.
  5. On my Android phone, it is very difficult to select the two options that appear when I try to move a note to a different notebook. I just feel like if that dialog box were placed in the middle of the screen it would be easier and faster, and I'd be more successful at selecting the correct option the first time that I try to do it. It appearing at the bottom of the screen is just a little too clunky in my opinion.
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