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  1. Very thankful that I found this forum. I installed the legacy app and everything is back to normal (yaaaay!). Import folder is back. Also, when I scan a document, it get goes to the folder I'm currently in versus the new version puts all your scans in some default folder. Took me a while to figure out where my scans were going.
  2. Here's my situation. I went to drag-and-drop 10 PDFs from an Explorer window to the Windows Evernote app ( (308716) Public (CE Build ce-62.5.9981)) and it only added one PDF and the title was just a concatenation of all 10 file names. I was expecting that it would add 10 individual PDFs. Did I do it wrong? PS. This is ironic. Spellcheck flagged Evernote. Really? Come on, dev team! Also, navigating the Evernote site for support or trying to submit a bug was frustrating as hell. Every time I clicked the contact us link, I would get logged out. Just plain awful. 2019-12-05 08_52_36-Create New Topic - Evernote User Forum.tiff 2019-12-05 09_23_02-Window.tiff 2019-12-05 09_21_51-Window.tiff
  3. RavBoy, That did it! Thanks. I use Greenshot to capture screenshots. I like it because it has lots of options and features. You can easily markup your screenshots with arrows, highlighting, etc... It has a obfuscation tool which I used in this post and you can dial in how much you want it to pixelate. Cheers, Bruce
  4. Tried that already. I also noticed that the vertical and horizontal scroll bars are about triple the size.
  5. I just noticed this in the last week or so but in the panel view window, the font size is huge and my zoom level is at 0. Is this a Windows issue or Evernote or me!?
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