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  1. Hi everyone I'm a high school teacher in Switzerland I regularly have to correct students essays written or paper. I have sucessfully done this in the following way using Evernote: Students hand in their texts. (In my case usually written into exercice books)I open a new note in Evernote Mobile and I take photographs of all the handwritten pages. (Putting a Post-it with the students's names on each page helps me keeping order.)I keep all photographs in one single note. This might be 30 to 50 photos. A resulution of 3M is good enough and doesn't overload the note. (I watch out for the correct orientation of the camera)I sync the note to my tablet to check the order of the texts and to see if I can read everythingI leave the texts at school and take with me only the note.Now I open the page photos one after the other on Evernote Desktop. I click on the @ symbol of each photo to open the Evernote Skitch editor. I write directly in to the texts using text, symbols, colours etc.Later I, print these edited photos and hand them back to the student with their untouched texts.They can finally edit or correct their texts into a final version. (If it makes sense, they can keep my feedback photos)Hope this might give someone a good idea or that someone has hints to further develop this. Swissmorgy
  2. Hello everyone More than 1.5 years later, I stumble over that same bug of fonts that are printed too large from Evernote for Windows. Evernote support tells my in January 2014: Hi! My name is (...) and I am happy to help. Unfortunately this is a bug! I apologize for the inconvenience. Alternatively, you can highlight the contents of a note, set to a font size smaller than 11, and your font will print smaller as well. Again, I apologize for any inconvenience! I see how this might be frustrating. Thank you for using Evernote and have a wonderful day! (....) Evernote The workaround I am using is printing from the Evernote web application. The fonts are changed to Times but the size is pretty correct. Swissmorgy
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