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  1. as of today (2021-Feb-09) search is completely broken. now the app is completely unusable. this would be what is known as a SEV1 ticket. Mac desktop search is broken. iOS search on multiple devices is broken. totally a reproducable bug. was it the implementation of new search feature in multiple shared notebooks that completely broke search, for everything? i made sure that i was on the latest update of EN and that's what has definitely F'ed me. but i think i was F'ed anyway bc i have noticed that search on mobile iOS has been deteriorating for a while. a search i do on mobile would work perfectly on Mac desktop. and now the search corruption as propagated to everything? the pain wasn't enough for me to take time to report another poorly performing app. but now the app is unusable. search was tested on a friend's EN too. and even the paying suckers are F'ed.
  2. on iOS, search results from ALL folders (including the shared folders) does not function at the moment, 2020-06-19 10:30am pacific.
  3. i see this issue intermittently. also, i'm pretty sure iOS (phone) mobile app search is broken at the moment (june 19th, 2020, 10am pacific). i can't easily find a status. if the issue has been reported or acknowledged. if the issue is being worked.
  4. last post was from july 2016. is word count more readily available now? specifically, maybe a status bar always available to show the current word count? - something optional to turn on? AND even better would be the ability to highlight text, in any OS, any software, on web, in app; and be able to see word count. THANK YOU.
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