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  1. I can create a link to an evernote the following way 1) Select note in evernote 2) CTRL+Menu/Copy internal link 3) Open Windows explorer 4) Create shortcut 5) Paste the copied link 6) Change the name to the name of the note Feedback 1) Why isn't "Copy external link" a separate menu item. (It took some time before I realized that I could use CTRL to do this) 2) It would be really nice if all the steps above could be achieved by dragging a note from Evernote to Explorer. Currently, this creates an .enex file. You could implement a drag with right-mouse-button, and show a menu when releasing, which allows med to select "Copy as shortcut". br John Erik Setsaas
  2. When working with a note with check boxes, i.e. a packing lists, it would be great to be able to hide all lines containing a checked check box.
  3. I use the check-box feature for packing lists. And of course need to reset these before a new trip (which is quite frequent). It would be really nice with a feature to check/uncheck ALL check boxes in a note. Shouldn't be too hard to implement :-)
  4. The "Suggested Note Titles" on my iPad app is great. However, the date format does not make sense. "Meeting with Tom 09/12/2016" is ambiguous, and means different things in different parts of the world. The ISO8601 is the universal standard for writing dates, and always results in an unambiguous date "Meeting with Tom 2016-12-09" cannot be misunderstood. As a lot of people like the US format (MM/DD/YYYY), and equally a lot of people like the European format (DD/MM/YYYY), I propose that you create an option to select the date format. See http://www.iso.org/iso/home/standards/iso8601.htm for info on ISO8601. Best regards John Erik Setsaas
  5. When creating a new note (on iPad), Evernote looks in my calendar, and proposes the current event, followed by the date on the format DD/MM/YY. Please make an option to use the international standard formate ISO8601 (YYYY-MM-DD), which is the only sensible format for showing dates. This should also affect the dates shown below the notes in the note list.
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