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  1. What version exactly did you update to? And your system - computer, tablet, phone???
  2. To be clear, my current status on 10.6.9 - PDF - it won't even display the first page, nor the last, nor anything in between. It will not render any jpeg or png either. So our issues are slightly different, but related somewhat. I'm offering to demonstrate to EN tech support, but, wait...they can't talk on the phone. Email support only!
  3. How many versions of Evernote does it take to get the COMPLETE job done - three! Right now, I'm having to use 3 different versions for full functionality. I use Evernote Legacy for full features of adding, editing, viewing notes, adding reminders, and being able to see notes containing attachments such as PDFs, JPEGs, PNGs files. Secondly, I use Evernote Web for searching capability, and generally speaking I can view PDFs, JPEGs, PNGs files, but the Web versions lack a lot of functionality, especially "right-click" features. Third, I use the latest version of Evernote 10.6.9 for
  4. Quick update - I was invited to download Evernote "Home" (v 10.3.7 build 2061 beta). I installed it just for grins because the current release is of no value to me due to the pdf issue. I've been using Evernote Legacy. I'm not sure at this point what exactly "Home" brings to the table in terms of functionality (more testing required), but the PDF viewing problem seems to be resolved. I checked several PDFs that I couldn't open in last release, and I can now view them. Good luck, Happy Thanksgiving!
  5. I'm having this same problem with version 10.3.7 - when trying to view PDFs and some JPEGs. I've resorted to using EN Legacy, and those same attachments files display and annotate fine. I've also tested with EN Web and same files display fine. The problem is with the new release, and has been since the beginning. If my files were corrupted, the display error would be consistent across EN Legacy, V10, and the Web. For now, I'm avoiding EN 10 until this problem is fixed. Here is the error msg EN 10 returns (see attachment)
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