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Search, How to jump to next found keyword occurrence?

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Searching for a Keyword?? When I search for a keyword it brings me to the first occurrence of that keyword. How do I jump to the next occurrence easily??


Example: Search for the word "automobile?" I know there are 35 occurrences of the word "automobile" in all of my notes. It brings me to the first one but I can't figure out how to easily jump to the next occurrence of the word "automobile." If you manually scroll through the notes you can see that the word "automobile" is highlighted but you have to manually scroll through all 1000 pages to find the next highlighted word "automobile." HELP??

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Here is a list of shortcuts for the Mac.



I only use Windows, but I believe a similar search method is used for Macs.

I try to avoid long documents, but if needed, I use the following steps.


Searching for a specific word involves two steps.


1. Narrow the possible choices down with the general search (through all your notebooks) for the word automobile.

2. Another search is done inside the very long documents. Ctrl F is used in Windows. This will find the word automobile throughout the long document. I just click on the next down icon to jump to through all the automobile words

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Very helpful information here. Thank you!

My question is similar to Harsh Raj's above. I have several notes with images of PDF documents and I use the "Search Notes" tool to find notes with an entered word. However, the Ctrl+F function will not yield any results when wanting to apply it to images.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

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