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  1. Yes! That was my big problem with the big update, aside from the bugs. All the core functions it seems like they unnecessarily made them harder to get to (moving folders/adding tags) and added at least one step to doing so.
  2. Update if anyone is interested in alternatives - I'm trying out Bear. I like it so far because it's far cleaner and more streamlined. Evernote just got so overcomplicated I'm liking the idea of something that strips back functionality, especially considering I'm using it for my own personal organization/productivity. Only downside for me so far is you can't email in notes. Microsoft OneNote is actually pretty good too, but more complicated than Bear, closer to Evernote.
  3. I feel like with every update, Evernote gets: -Slower on loading notes, searching, etc. -overly complex with features -Makes once simple things now take more steps and less intuitive steps -Offers tons of stuff I don't want -Buggy in terms of syncing I'm thinking of ditching it for something else, would love to hear about alternatives or others' experiences. Tate
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