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  1. I didn't think I had to mark that comment as sarcasm. I have 25,168 notes... I'm not going anywhere for the moment, but I may toy around for a bit with OneNote. What Evernote needs to hear from this conversation is they need to dance with the one that brought them....a reliable note system. The feature creep without attending to core needs indicates they are not well managed as a company. That is my primary concern....that they ***** the pooch at some point and kill this fantastic program.
  2. Whew...fortunately for you Microsoft products are bug free. Please report back. EN function I use daily is Thunderbird email to note with #tags and specific @notebook. I use it to stash confirmations, receipts and BCC messages I'd like to keep track of outside of email. I use three different email accounts and frequently designate tags and notebook in the subject line. I don't think OneNote is as flexible in this case. I also almost always clip the simplified view from Firefox so EN saves the text but not the whole web page. I can see OneNote has some great features now...but pro/con like anything else.
  3. I'm still on v5.8.6.7519. Can you confirm the "auto title from first line of note" function has been added back into EN-WIN? I'd like to upgrade, but I don't have time for a hassle if I have to revert back.
  4. Simple solution...don't take away important features and mess up people's work flow when you "fix" Evernote.
  5. Thank you for that. I hope they haven't decided to remove this permanently. That would be a lapse in judgement. So our only option is to stop updating Evernote? With the exception of a few minor things, I'm pretty happy with EN as it was prior to auto-number-list and the demise of auto titles. If I never upgrade it, I think I'd be OK with that, but it's a bad sign when companies start "fixing" their products to the point of messing them up for their long-term users. Why should the newbies drive the development? My user account is in the 5M range...what are they 85M now? It seems like comments and requests from long-term paid subscribers should be weighted slightly. I just installed this version and EN is running as it should with auto titles. THAT IS AWESOME. THANK YOU SO MUCH! As far as I'm concerned, this is a show stopper. The hassle of not having it outweighs the benefits of upgrading to a version without it. Download @ http://cdn1.evernote.com/win5/public/Evernote_5.8.6.7519.exe
  6. Is there a plan to enable to "old" auto title method whereby I could delete the title and click out of the title box and the first line of text would become the title? I've been a paying customer since 2008 and the auto title function is something I REALLY liked. Recently, my titles frequently get erased while I'm typing them. I've recommended Evernote to hundreds of people, and this is the first time I've really been frustrated using it.
  7. I've been a paid Evernote user since 2008. Pasting text into a note and having the title auto generate has been my routine until recently. To top it off, now my titles are frequently erased while I'm typing them so the only way I can reliably get a note title is to make sure the title I want is in the text then copy and paste as the title. The new non-auto title function SUCKS. For YEARS all I had to do to get the first line of text as the title is delete the title then click out of the title box. If I manually typed the title, it stayed that way. Why did Evernote "fix" it to the point of breaking something that was so useful?
  8. This has been driving me nuts for weeks. I've had to copy-paste a few notes out of tables and remove tables completely from several notes. Since we're talking about having a reliable solid table editor.... What about "paste as text" from inside a cell. I FREQUENTLY have to pate outside the table then copy-paste into the table.
  9. I've been using Evernote since 6/30/08 as a free member. I just upgraded to paid so I could sync notebooks with my business partner. I had 15+ notebooks covering several things with subordinate titles to deal with the hierarchy. Notebook1 Notebook1A Notebook1B After reading some of these threads I decided to give hierarchical tagging a try. Holy *****...I wish I would have been doing this all along. Batch-tagged notes in several notebooks and I consolidated my notes into 5 notebooks. Now, as I create a note, I type a few characters and add one or more tags. What is AWESOME is that the note can be in one or more tag hierarchies so I can easily find it no matter how the data is associated. I work with a lot of sports teams. Now I can tag them by level of play, sport and geographical location. My tag hierarchy has > Sport > Location > Type (level) With as many subtags as necessary to identify every nook and cranny of my data. Now I can drill into either one and find the lists I need. My suggestion: Think outside the box and try tagging. I will never go back to hard-coded hierarchies again. I'm glad to be a paid subscriber to help keep Evernote's doors open. I recommend Evernote as the single most practical piece of software I use...especially since 3.5 has some basic HTML/formatting for notes. Now I'll only use Google Docs for actual docs...and not for trying to keep track of everything.
  10. So you are saying that there is a reasonable expectation of privacy within our Evernote accounts? You do not monetize or share or aggregate or in any way distribute the data or summaries of the data to other companies, correct? Like most people, I don't read TOS pages...just check the box....so I was impressed my friend did and asked this question. Thank you for the response.
  11. http://www.evernote.com/about/tos/ I was recommending Evernote to someone today, then they wrote back and asked about #3 in the Terms of Service where it says third parties can look at user content. That caught me off guard so I thought I should ask the question here so I can have an answer for people. Is Evernote content safe and private or do they distribute the index content? What third parties are reviewing the content of my notes?
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