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  1. Nope, same flow for pdfs. You will see a thumbnail but if you click on it you will get a screen with just the title of the pdf. You then have to click on that and it will open in the (very nice, new) pdf viewer. I just don't get this. I can think of no reason for clicking on a pdf note other than to look at it. It can't be a speed question since I have to click twice to get to to see the pdf. If there is a way, I hope EN implements inline viewing on the iPad. Besides this will give us a chance to complain about the slow opening time (we're never happy...) Hugh
  2. Wanted to resurrect this discussion for emphasis. The opening and closing of pdfs on an ipad is really annoying. It takes four clicks (two to open & two to close) a pdf in the ipad version. Please give us an inline view The good news for me is that I am running out of things to complain about in the ipad version. I am down to two big ones; opening pdf's and the ridiculous and gigantic icons used for notebooks and notes (and the fact that they can only be grouped by months or name alphabetically). People will always have issues but these two jump out at me every time I open the app! Hugh
  3. We all have developed our workarounds but we should never stop asking for sub notebooks here in the forum. EN may have decided "for now" not to have this feature but if enough customers keep asking someday they may see the light. Hughjc
  4. Although I'm PC, the more notes/images/documents I acquire, I've found the folder system to be very, very limiting. Jefito's 'red, round ball' is a perfect example, IMO. "Easy example. I have a red ball. Using a strictly hierarchical classification system, where does that ball go? In the tree under Toys? Under Things That Are Round? Or maybe under Things That Are Red? I don't think that this fits nicely into a tree structure, yet it seems perfectly suited for tags (e.g., "red", "round", "toy"). " People like to say that the tag system works better if you have only a few notes & that you need sub notebooks if you have a lot of notes. IMO & IME, the reverse is true. The more notes you have the more limiting/prohibitive/harder-to-find-what-you're-looking-for a nested folder system is. It is very much a function of what you do with EN. I am an architect and I track info by projects. If I have a drawing of an operating room for Project A, I put it in the Project A notebook. That is one quick easy step. Later I may come back and tag it as "Surgery" so that I can search for all of the operating rooms across all of the projects. In the mean time I can quickly look at my Project A folder and see the thumbnails of all of the images in that project. I understand that I could make a tag for Project A as well but I am much more comfortable with nested notebooks in a project stack. Hughjc
  5. Nope... I will however continue to regularly suggest on the EN forum that they add nested folders. If that doesn't work for you you should find a different forum to use. In the meantime I will continue to use EN.
  6. Please stop "quoting" generically (and incorrectly, I might add). The bottom line, as I said above is... Those are cold, hard facts. I'm sorry if the facts make you upset. But it would seem it's best to face them rather than for other board users to lead people on by saying, "yes, I'm sure someday that EN will add feature X so just stick with them.", which would also be untruthful, since none of us (users) know what will or will not be added. I think what concerns me about your statement of facts is that it could be read as "Look, EN works the way it works today and if you don't like it, stop using it." That is bad for everyone including EN. Forums are for suggestions and complaints as much as they are for help and praise.
  7. I agree. IMO, stacks were the answer to sub-notebooks. ... Or it could be as simple as priorities... We just don't know. In the end, speculation by any of us is futile. EN is what it is & they don't post roadmaps or ETAs. So deal with it or find another app. Simple as that. I'm going to continue asking for hierarchical folders just the same. IME tags don't work for me. I don't fear change and I'm smart enough to understand tags. They just don't work for what I do. I also think if EN thinks the way you suggest they never should have introduced stacks (or even multiple notebooks for that matter). I think the web clipper feature of guessing what notebook you want to put an article into (not which tag) also is a tease to us multiple notebook users. I hope EN eventually moves to add the functions that people keep asking for. I know its hard and I know it won't happen overnight but I think we should keep asking if we think it will make EN better. Once again, I hope if EN does add sub notebooks they are not mandatory and the tag users can continue unhindered. I do not criticize EN over this but I will not stop asking for it. I will also not stop using EN and find another app...
  8. Read my comments a little more carefully. I am looking beyond Evernote to Evernote Business. You seem to think that the way YOU use Evernote is the way evernote is supposed to work. The real power of evernote is that there are LOTS of ways to use it. I am commenting on the way I use it and the way I hope to continue using it into the future.
  9. I think where the issue of hierarchical notebooks vs tags will come back to bite Evernote is as they introduce Evernote Business. Because I think EN Business is a great idea I have been trying to introduce EN to others in our architectural firm. I run into two problems. First is demonstrating EN on an ipad is not good if, like me, you have lots of notebooks organized with a custom naming work around. The ipad is practically unusable with a notebook based system. The iphone version is workable but the screen is too small. I find many people walk away unimpressed. This is so frustrating since I have been an EN user and fanboy for years. I think most of the people commenting on this forum are fairly sophisticated EN users who are willing to spend some time organizing their EN workflow. The next level of users that EN needs to attract are not going to spend a lot of time understanding EN. I would argue that EVERY ONE understands hierarchichal systems (folders or notebooks) and can pick up a system like that and go. I think the competition for EN Business is going to come from cloud systems like DropBox (who are introducing their own "business" version). I know this topic will continue. I have been one of the voices pleading for multiple notebook levels since EN was introduced and I will continue to plead. I think that as EN tries to move further into corporate markets they should consider this question again. Regardless of what they do they have to fix the ipad version first.
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