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  1. Thank you, Pink Elephant. reinstallation did the trick.
  2. Evernote 10.6 on iOS. Whenever I open this app, it takes forever to download my notes. I am constantly getting "Note unavailable.please refresh the page or try again later. Is there a problem with servers? OTOH on Mac everything works fine. added to that, it does not appear under the tag I gave it in the tag list - on Mac.
  3. I moved them to Standard Notes and also to Keep It because although they get synched, the are encrypted.
  4. After the yesterday's upgrade to 10.2, I attempted to export some notes for import into Keep It. The notes were mainly pdf's which had been email attachments. All that Keep It imported were headings. so the notes were useless. I then exported the same notes from Evernote Legacy and they imported into Keep It perfectly. So I agree with you - 10 exports notes differently, in fact uselessly. Perhaps this is an attempt to stop us migrating to other programmes? Or it could just be one other thing they haven't sorted yet... We will see.
  5. On the Mac I would add Keep It to the list. Import .enex files quickly and easily and is quite full featured
  6. The previous version 7.14.1 supports password protection of notes. This is what I meant, rather than encryption. Apologies. Version 10 doesn't support password protection as far as I can see, so it's useless to me. I have moved my local, password protected notes to another app as I'm losing faith in Evernote.
  7. I have now installed the legacy version in order to preserve my encrypted local folders. I can't believe the new version doesn't support note encryption! To me that is a shocking failure. my question is though, does the legacy version still maintain my local folders unsynced. I have no desire for them to be available to the cloud.
  8. I would also like to add my voice to this appeal. I definitely would love a Linux client. However, at the moment the Windows client is so clunky I'd rather use the web interface in Linux than make it even clunkier by running it under wine. The Mac version looks great. A native version running under Gnome would look and feel even better! I know nothing about programming. Is there such a huge difference between OSX and Linux code?
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