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  1. Happening to me too for quite some time. I thought they fixed it at some point since it stopped for a day or so, but it's back.
  2. Update: it appears both bugs have been fixed!!
  3. I can confirm this happening on Chrome, for both bugs (sidebar reappearing automatically after hiding, and toolbar disappearing).
  4. Is there a way we can see a detailed changelist for every update? iOS App store change history is basically useless, they copy and paste previous "changes", or just mention bigger ones, or just say "Bug fixes". I would really appreciate if I could see every bug that was fixed in a specific update. Thanks.
  5. I can't believe they released a build with so many bugs. What were they thinking? Was marketing strategy (releasing it on the day iOS 14 was released) really more important than customer satisfaction? I regret purchasing a yearly premium. My money is wasted, I can't stand to use the new iOS version. And that was the only reason I use evernote to begin with.
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