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  1. Please Consider a Family Plan. I have been a member sine 2008. Customers have been asking for a Family Membership for as long as I remember. Help us help you by giving us the services your Customers are asking for. Don't leave money one the table. Neal
  2. Thanks @DTLow Deleting and reinstalling fixed the issue!
  3. I updated to IOS 14(iPhone X) today however I had the same issue yesterday prior to the update. Funny thing is App Store shows version 10 but instead of Update is shows me ta version 10. Are you on version 10? On the account screen does it show you at version 10? @DTLow Thanks for assisting me.
  4. I have tried to update to Evernote IOS 10. If I go into App Store it appears as if I have the latest version. However the version on the bottom screen shows 8.24.6. Am I on the latest versons\?
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