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  1. It is missing the "Top List" view option - which is necessary for how I use Evernote. I had to find an old downloaded version and reinstall that one...
  2. I believe organization of notes by tag is one of the most important features of Evernote. But if you select a tag, and then hover the mouse over a note that you want to delete, and press the delete key, the entire tag disappears, and the organization of potentially hundreds of notes is apparently lost forever!!! I've searched and haven't found a way to recover from this. Especially if changes are instantly sync'ed to other platforms (which is generally an extremely useful feature), and if the tag assignments are changing so frequently such that a backup from hours ago wouldn't help... This has happened multiple times to me now, and I know of no way to protect against it other than to never delete a note! And it makes using Evernote a much less productive and enjoyable experience... Is there any chance that either: 1)There be a confirmation dialog if trying to delete a tag that multiple notes are assigned to 2) There be a way to undo or recover from the deletion of a tag Thanks for any consideration of this, Dave.
  3. Here to request dark mode for Windows as well! I'm surprised and disappointed that Evernote doesn't support it as of yet...
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