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Evernote opens with hundreds of windows/notes

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Every time I start Evernote after a Windows restart, it opens with so many windows/notes that it takes over my screen and CPU.    I have to kill Evernote entirely, and then restart it, and then it opens normally.

Has anybody else seen this, and is there any way to fix it??


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Hi, never saw something like that on my installations. Maybe you could try clearing your profile (sign off without keeping the data). Then re - signin. If this does not help yet, perhaps try reinstalling freshly. But make sure all your data is synced first.

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- And if that doesn't work,  try killing all the windows back to the main Evernote app,  then Ctrl+Q quit.  When you next open the app you should be back to normal.

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Explanation: EN tries to remember where you were when you closed the app the last time.

When you close the app while all windows were active, they will be opened again when you restart the app the next time.

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FYI: I uninstalled Evernote completely, and reinstalled it.   Twice.    And even immediately after reinstalling it, it opened the first time with 365 windows (I counted them one by one when I closed them!)    And I had only window open when I closed it last...

If this is not fixable, I might have to find another app to use instead of Evernote.   I've never seen any app behave this way, and it completely takes over my CPU and screen every time I open it after a reboot...


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Don’t just „uninstall“ - the Windows standard Uninstaller will not touch data files and perhaps some settings. So the problem persists.

Get an uninstaller app like Revo Uninstaller and use it to remove all parts of the app. Then restart the PC and download a fresh installer file for EN from the EN website. Install, log in.

It will now run an initial download. Wait until it is through before using the app. It will download more in the background later, for full offline capabilities.

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