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  1. Please bring back Import Folders. For me that's a big missing feature.
  2. I don’t have any non-English messages, so I couldn’t say.
  3. It appears to me that it's an Evernote comment - it comes up over the Evernote side pane, though I suppose it could be Google that is popping it up. Below is a screen shot. I tried searching (on Google) for this exact phrase and there are no results - which leads me to think it's more likely to be Evernote specific, though, as I said, I can't be for sure.
  4. I have various emailed receipts that I have received. Some of them are just plain text. When trying to save them to Evernote through the Gmail addin (using Gmail on Chrome on Windows 10), I get a message saying "Spam and suspicious messages can’t be used for recommended content or actions. Try searching messages in your inbox." It won't let me add these messages to Evernote, even though they are not actually or identified by Gmail as spam. Has anyone else seen this issue? Do you know what is triggering it and how to stop it so I can save these receipts?
  5. I strongly disagree. First of all, it's not true that it doesn't cost the company any extra to provide. But even if it did, this is commerce, you're not forced to use their product, you want to use it. If you want to use something that someone else is offering, you can accept their price or not, but trying to claim that disagreeing with their price is "money grabbing" is just incorrect. What Evernote does is no different than what tons of other companies do. Take newspapers (Washington Post, NY Times, LA Times, just to name a few) - they offer some limited amount of service for free (e.g., 5 f
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