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  1. hey, what kind of promotion? Simply I'm almost newbie in Evernote Could anyone explain?
  2. as for me Evernote had become a comfortable tool for trading as there I can lead my earnings and expences
  3. I was wondering if you still need help with your survey. I also was a student and I understand very well how difficult it can be to collect as much as possible answers for the survey, and then you need to analyze all the data and to come up with some conclusions. I remember I liked to do different researches. Moreover, every time I finished the research, I had to check all the papers I written for antiplagiarism. The plagiarism checker I found on https://edubirdie.com/plagiarism-checker was very useful. It may be helful for you, too.
  4. Does Evernote provide any platforms for app development?
  5. Just curious if evernote could help me with trading (I mean stocks trading and everything like forex)
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