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  1. It seems to me IQTell never marketed itself at all. It isnt in any of the shortlists of personal project management software though it is superior to almost every other more famous contender. I fell across it by accident and even when I tell friends about it unless they get the name exactly right or I send them a link they cant find it by search. Scenios my favorite film management software is going out of business too right now and they are another web app you cant find by search. If they ever hired someone to do SEO and SERP they should get their money back. Customers do not beat a path to your door if they dont know you exist ///
  2. Regularly I find notebook stacks with a couple of random notebooks nested sitting in my Notebooks. I definitely haven't created them. I drag the notebooks out to the general root and the stacks evaporate but some days late sure enough more notebook stacks with other random notebooks grouped within. There seems no pattern to it - the notebooks are not neccesarily ones I am using. I have various versions of evernote on several computers and devices but none of them have notebook stacks setup. It's not a serious problem just a niggling annoyance. Any ideas what is causing it and / or about a cure?
  3. I'm interested in the 2012 devcup asp wiki solution but the link is not valid anymore. Any other way I can get my hands on this app? Cheers Dan
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