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  1. Thanks for the replies. I had forgotten how helpful the Evernote community was. Been a Windows user for a very long time, last couple of years been 90% Android and web user (work computer does not allow Evernote install). I miss only a few things - merging notes is one, and now the created date issue I just posted. I'm in love with my new Chromebook and want to use Evernote web and Android versions 100% of the time if possible. A workaround I can probably live with is just copying and pasting from the template (keeps text formatting). It's another step, but hard to complain too much as I'm able to do so much in Evernote web these days. Does anyone know if there is a matrix that Evernote or a technical user has created that shows the features/functionality differences across different Evernote platforms?
  2. I understand the need to disallow modification of Created Date in a note (though this was available in Windows version for awhile). When I Duplicate a note, the Created Date stays the same. Doesn't this go against the notion of data preservation? I guess I can see an argument for either way. Regardless, I'm looking for a way to duplicate a note which I use as a template. I need the created date so show the current date, not the date the template was created. Yes, I can always sort by modified date. But I want to be able to sort by created date. Is this possible/in the future? Thanks.
  3. I am curious about Context. It may be something I could use. But this behavior says it may not be ready for production. I've disabled Context for now. No way I'm going to deal with pop-up behavior like that. I may check it out again in the future. Hopefully this thread will be updated when it's fixed.
  4. I reported this issue to support and they did identify it as a bug, related to Skitch integration. Tried to check Support ticket for an update, but having some difficulties logging in to Evernote Support. Will post here if I get an update. What versions of Evernote and Windows are you using? The "Always use selected" checkbox is still grayed out for me (now on EN
  5. Old/Desired behavior: Open image attached to a note and edit with image editor (xnView) - crop, resize, etc. Save within xnView, asked if I want to overwrite, select Yes, go back to Evernote, image has updated. New/undesired (bug?) behavior: Open image attached to note, get asked to select a program to use to open image (Windows message "Choose the program you want to open this file:") - Note that the "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" checkbox is visible but grayed out. I cannot select it. I select xnView and crop/resize/etc. Save file. Go back to Evernote. Nothing. Image is not getting updated. When/why did this behavior change? I've been editing images attached to notes in the manner described above for some time. I depend on cropping, rotating and resizing images in my notes. This may have changed in the last version or the version before. Using Evernote Premium (270334) Public Windows 7 Ult. and Home Premium (two computers)
  6. Hmm... Seems you are correct. In Windows client, date field modifers using "+" end up searching on the number itself. Looks like only minus works as expected. The documentation here: http://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php gives examples of date fields using plus and minus on date fields - specifically in the reminderTime section: reminderTime:day+7Matches all notes with a reminder set for the next 7 days Interesting that the Relative Date Arguments section near the bottom talks about an integer delta, but lists only minus in the examples following. Is that a coincidence?
  7. In the Search Explanation panel, towards the top of the note list. It has a light bwon background -- if you're not seeing is, go to View / Show Search Explanation. There's a dropdown there that includes "All My Notes"; it's been in Evernote for some years now. Ha! I've looked right past that for years. So cool. Thank you. Happy for now - though I'd still prefer the ability to tag shared notes and/or exclude notebooks.
  8. No. In fact, I've requested improvements to the search grammar to allow searching the subset of your own notebooks, and joined notebooks (notebooks that are shared to you). Some Evernote clients, the Windows client, for one, allow searching only your own notebooks (select "All My Notes" from the Search Explanation dropdown, but it's not been implemented as of this time. You wrote "but it's not been implemented as of this time" - are you referring to seeing "All My Notes"? I assume that is the case, as I only see Search All Notes and Search Current Context in the Search dropdown on Windows. Are you referring to a beta release? What you are describing isn't ideal, but would at least get me what I want. If it's a beta feature and a forthcoming release feature, that's a stop-gap solution that I can happily wait for.
  9. In trying to document my research in finding a solution for excluding Shared Notebooks in search (http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/14632-feature-request-exclude-notebook-from-search/?p=236195), I didn't realize I still had a shared notebook selected and inadvertently created a new note. This new Untitled Note now sits in this shared notebook, and I cannot delete it. I understand there is some design decisions around sharing notebooks that restrict some operations (tags, etc.) but if I create a note, shouldn't I then be able to delete that note? Why is the Delete button active? Is this a bug?
  10. This would be fine for me - in fact, I'd prefer to just exclude by tag so I could have a simply saved search that excluded multiple notebooks (where all items across multiple notebook could be tagged). BUT... the inability to tag Shared notebooks prevents this. So, while I can understand that Evernote design is to not allow negation of notebooks in search, the combination of the inability to tag shared notebooks means I cannot escape searching shared notebook. Has anyone found a workaround for this? (besides removing shared notebooks) Thanks.
  11. A-ha! All I needed was this: source:mail.smtp That gives me all notes e-mailed into Evernote. Much cleaner. I like this solution best.
  12. Hmmm... I discovered that even modifying the subject line by appending @EN, that tag isn't getting added to my notes. Was this functionality removed? The blog post explaining this is from March 2010. I'm using Evernote for Windows
  13. Smart filing sounds promising, and could potentially be a cool feature. I see it has been requested: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/15661-tip-automatic-filtering-tagging-and-filing-of-e-mailed-notes/ But I came here looking for a solution to simply tag all incoming emails. I know that I can modify the subject line of an email to include tags and notebooks (explained in blog post here: http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2010/03/16/emailing-into-evernote-just-got-better/ That works well for newly created email. But forwarding in Gmail requires a few extra clicks to modify the subject (not easy to do quickly, or on a phone). I'd like to just tag all incoming mail with the same tag to easily see what was mailed in. It appears there is a solution to do this outside of Evernote: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/15661-tip-automatic-filtering-tagging-and-filing-of-e-mailed-notes/ But I'd like to just auto-tag every incoming email. It doesn't appear that is possible. Is that something that could be implemented as a stop-gap before full filtering or auto-/smart-filing is done? I suppose a workaround would be to email all notes to a separate Notebook just for this. But that's not what I'm looking for. A saved search on "subject:Fwd*" also works OK. Curious if anyone else has this need, or found a better solution. Thanks.
  14. I just took pictures using the Page Camera and also experienced the black image issue. I don't know if this additional info will help, but hopefully more specific data points will help Evernote devs pinpoint the problem. I take meeting notes on a yellow legal pad. I take pictures of meeting notes using the Page Camera feature, creating a new multiple image note. I process two separate meetings successfully - both were two pages long. I then processed a meeting that had seven pages of notes. All seven pages appeared to capture and process correctly. I saved the note and went to Evernote on desktop (Windows) and image 1 of 7 was the black image. Nothing else was different - all seven images for this note were done using the same technique. I have had the black image issue before, and also experienced multiple image notes getting processed out of order (ex: page 1, page 4, page 3, page 2). The 7-page note I processed was in order, with six images beautifully rendered, easily readable. Just page one was a solid black image. The problem is that while creating this note, I had no indication that the first image was black. Everything looks fine until the note is saved. I'm using: Evernote for Windows (269392) PublicWindows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1 Evernote for Android 5.4.1 (1054103-public-com.evernote)Samsung Galaxy S4
  15. Thanks. I forgot about that. It helps, even without the ability to multiselect.
  16. Feature request: keyboard shortcut to focus on Tag selection - and ability to select multiple. I know I can quickly assign Tags to a specific note with Ctrl + Alt + T, and set focus to the tag field with F3 for a specific note. I want similar functionality for searching/filtering by tags across all notes. What I'd like to be able to do is quickly (via keyboard) select tags for a a filter - essentially accessing the Tags drop-down in the toolbar - and be able to Ctrl + Click to select multiple tags. Currently, I have to focus on the Tags drop-down (the Tag search/filter bar?) with my mouse, then type in a tag to filter. How do I get focus there by keyboard? And if I want to quickly filter for items with two tags, I cannot do that using the Tag drop-down search/filter.
  17. Wow. That's cool. Thanks for updating this thread. Except.... when I try this (tried with 2, then one Outlook Note) nothing happens. [update] - the toolbar button seems to be working as expected. But right-clicking and selecting "Add to Evernote 3.5" does nothing. Outlook 2007 Evernote Windows XP SP3
  18. I believe this is fixed in version 3.5 and it takes on the font in use where it's pasted. Yes! Even better: you can quickly paste plain text by using Ctrl+Shift+V in EN for Windows. Thanks Evernote! This is a HUUUUGE improvement (for me, at least). Many thanks.
  19. Except this doesn't work. At least not for me. It's been an issue with Evernote through multiple versions. "Plain text" doesn't necessarily mean plain in Evernote. Currently, on WinXP, EN for Win here is the behavior I see: Open a new note in Evernote. Start typing. Text appears in default font for Evernote that I have set: Arial. Open Notepad. Start typing. Copy that text. Past into Evernote. What font is your text displayed? Mine is displayed in Courier New. And any hyperlinks don't work. Some might say hyperlinks means it's not Plain Text. And I'd agree with you. But Evernote doesn't act consistently. This isn't a critical issue like data loss, by any means. It's just annoying, and makes things ugly with mixed fonts. I guess I could change my default font to Courier New, but why should I have to? Seems like every Windows program I have ever used interprets Plain Text to mean NO FORMATTING. And NO FORMATTING means that text - you know, PLAIN text - takes on whatever font/formatting setting in the container it gets pasted into. In a rich text environment, if I've been writing in 48pt Comic Sans Bold, and I paste in a piece of text that is supposed to be NO FORMATTING, well then, I expect that text to be 48pt Comic Sans Bold. AT THE VERY LEAST, pasted Plain Text should inherit the default font settings. And don't tell me about Ctrl+Shift+V, and bringing up the choices for Paste Special. That isn't a very useful option for those of us with Clipboard utilities where a quick copy and paste is needed, or multiple pastes are desired. It's all I got, so I use it, but it's horribly inefficient. Oh yeah... after pasting that PLAIN TEXT in my example above - the text copied from Notepad (where there should be no formatting attached - pure ANSI/Unicode, right?) - If I highlight that pasted Plain Text in Evernote, then Paste Special... Plain Text... Guess what? It pastes correctly (All Arial font, hyperlinks working, etc.) So define Plain Text however you want. But please... be consistent.
  20. It baffles me that advanced search syntax (which makes Evernote so much more powerful) is still buried within API documentation. A table similar to Remember The Milk's cited in this thread would make things so much nicer. If someone here built a table like that, would Evernote incorporate it into their website/documentation?
  21. That link brings me to the new mobile site (with all the JS).
  22. I downloaded and installed Bolt last night. Pretty slick. Their server-side processing means waiting for a page is a small delay, then BAM the whole thing loads (rather than the more traditional drawing the page as it gets loaded). The interface is a little bit clunky - definitely feels like a Java app - but Bolt is pretty nice. And EN mobile works well on it. For that matter, you can pull up the main Evernote site and work with that pretty easily using Bolt. In fact, I bet some people would prefer the full site over the mobile one using Bolt because you get access to the standard interface (tags, attributes, saved searches, etc. all easily accessible on the left).
  23. Thanks. Any chance of allowing stripped-down functionality with Javascript turned off? (ie: the old mobile site) To be honest, the EN mobile site isn't that bad with Javascript. But because it's not very convenient to quickly switch it on and off, if I want to use the current mobile site, I'm likely to leave JS on. And that's where my frustration lies. JS makes mobile web browsing a lot slower on some sites. And almost every time, it's not really needed.
  24. RE: a Blackberry client... I cringe saying this, but I'd actually prefer to wait and have them get it right than deal with a crappy BB client. Of course, there will be vocal complaints no matter what they release - but at this point, I want something pretty nice. I still with they would have pursued a BB client that was text-only and utilized the native Memo app - maybe called it "BB Client Lite" - I would *LOVE* a solution like that. Even just a text-only solution (without the Memo component) would be great for me. But I suspect that isn't the direction EN is going. Anyway, WRT the mobile issue... I am using: evernote.com/mobile, which then redirects to evernote.com/mobile/MobileSetup.action. Redirect happens if using just the /m too. I wonder if you tried just going directly to evernote.com/mobile/MobileSetup.action ? It shouldn't matter, but it's possibly there is an issue happening with the redirect. Not very likely, though... When you hit the mobile page, do you get the "Scripts running" message along the bottom of the screen? Do you see the twirly thing spinning clockwise near the top left? (twirly thing = technical jargon)
  25. I haven't been going to the mobile version like I used to. I posted my grumpy dissatisfaction already. Just tried accessing web version on my BB Bold, and it came up OK. This was at 11:05 AM Wed Mar 25, Central US time. Browser Configuration: Support JS - checked Allow JS popups - UNchecked Terminate slow scripts - checked Use Background Images - checked Support Embedded Media - checked Show Images: On WML & HTML pages Browser ID: BlackBerry
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