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  1. @pez - of course a package like EN has a lot of different ways of using it, so different people will report different levels of success. I've never tried or needed alt+ to use the menus (the set of shortcuts already defined is quite extensive). For the issue of the display, I've had this when plugging my laptop into a project. However, if I boot the machine with the projector connected, then EN in Wine uses the whole screen properly. I don't know if this will help in your case! For the issues with NixNote2: As above, the Evernote API doesn't allow access to shortcuts, so until EN de
  2. A few comments on the above discussion! The last version of EN that worked very well on Wine, for me, was Evernote_5.8.14.8221.exe - later versions didn't refresh the note window when you clicked on a different note. The latest version (5.9.3...) fixes this, but brings another problem - the editor toolbar (which usually pops up when you click in a note to edit it) doesn't appear. In fact it seems that all notes are being displayed effectively "read only". I can't make any edits at all. If anyone has a solution for this, I'd be very grateful! NixNote2 is working very well in the latest rele
  3. I've just got a larger tablet, and Evernote is a key app that I use in my work. I often find myself browsing through recent notes, and wanting to see as much of them on the screen as possible in landscape mode. Currently the workflow is very fragmented - I have to hit the ... menu, then full screen. Then if I want to switch to another note I have to back out of full screen, choose the next note in list, and repeat the full screen process. I keep finding myself trying to swipe from the note to the left to collapse/hide the note list - so I guess this would be an intuitive action! With a rig
  4. Agreed - my suspicion is that most users, most of the time, open the web client to find information - the default view should therefore be the note list. Or of course make this an option in the settings...
  5. Agreed, a native linux app would be great - whether built by the Evernote team, or someone else using the API. There is also mention of possible future Evernote support on the BasKet Notes site (but I think that doesn't support images, which I use a lot..?). In the meantime, a few fixes to help those using Evernote under Wine would go a long way! My particular issue is in getting images in. I don't necessarily expect the clipper to work properly given the limited clipboard capability of Wine, but it would be great if auto import folders could be fixed - then I can grab screenshots or dump fi
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