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  1. @pez - of course a package like EN has a lot of different ways of using it, so different people will report different levels of success. I've never tried or needed alt+ to use the menus (the set of shortcuts already defined is quite extensive). For the issue of the display, I've had this when plugging my laptop into a project. However, if I boot the machine with the projector connected, then EN in Wine uses the whole screen properly. I don't know if this will help in your case! For the issues with NixNote2: As above, the Evernote API doesn't allow access to shortcuts, so until EN de
  2. A few comments on the above discussion! The last version of EN that worked very well on Wine, for me, was Evernote_5.8.14.8221.exe - later versions didn't refresh the note window when you clicked on a different note. The latest version (5.9.3...) fixes this, but brings another problem - the editor toolbar (which usually pops up when you click in a note to edit it) doesn't appear. In fact it seems that all notes are being displayed effectively "read only". I can't make any edits at all. If anyone has a solution for this, I'd be very grateful! NixNote2 is working very well in the latest rele
  3. I've just got a larger tablet, and Evernote is a key app that I use in my work. I often find myself browsing through recent notes, and wanting to see as much of them on the screen as possible in landscape mode. Currently the workflow is very fragmented - I have to hit the ... menu, then full screen. Then if I want to switch to another note I have to back out of full screen, choose the next note in list, and repeat the full screen process. I keep finding myself trying to swipe from the note to the left to collapse/hide the note list - so I guess this would be an intuitive action! With a rig
  4. Yes, if I enter stack:test into the search tab, I get "0 results found", whereas stack:TEST shows all results correctly. I'm using Chrome 40.0.2214.115 if that makes a difference...
  5. Agreed - my suspicion is that most users, most of the time, open the web client to find information - the default view should therefore be the note list. Or of course make this an option in the settings...
  6. Dear all, Some feedback about the new web beta... on the desktop I work a lot with selecting notebook stacks and seeing all notes within this stack. In the web beta this doesn't seem to be possible - clicking anywhere in the stack name (not just on the arrow) folds/unfolds the stack. It would be great if one could filter to notes in a stack by click. On a related no, I tried using the stack: search grammar. On the desktop this is case insensitive, but it appears that on the web beta it is case sensitive. i.e. searching for stack:MIDAS gives me my notes, stack:midas gives me zero notes). Is
  7. Agreed, a native linux app would be great - whether built by the Evernote team, or someone else using the API. There is also mention of possible future Evernote support on the BasKet Notes site (but I think that doesn't support images, which I use a lot..?). In the meantime, a few fixes to help those using Evernote under Wine would go a long way! My particular issue is in getting images in. I don't necessarily expect the clipper to work properly given the limited clipboard capability of Wine, but it would be great if auto import folders could be fixed - then I can grab screenshots or dump fi
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