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  1. I am disappointed that the web browser is considered a device because I only use it there when EN doesn't open properly on my laptop. So in that case I need to use the web browser. It EN were more stable on my laptop, things would be a lot easier. I also have to frequently use EN legacy. I only use EN on my laptop and my tablet which to me feels like 2 devices because the web browser is only used on one of the devices.
  2. This - - I can't narrow a search inside a specific Notebook or Notebook Stack. -- alone is nearly a deal breaker for me. Other things: Also, I can print multiple notes at one time or at least I can't figure out how to do it. I can't sort or filter by notebook.
  3. I am running Windows 10 and EN 10.0.10. When I click on the Notebooks expand arrow, my notebooks are not displayed and my notebooks list is empty. I know that my notesbooks are okay because I can see them through a web browser. Just prior to this happening I had created a new notebook and then added it to a stack. The stack was previously empty since I had moved the notebooks that were in out of the stack. How can I fix this so that the notebooks show up without needing to use the web browser. Janene
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