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  1. Is there some way to provide password protection for an individual note in Android? Thanks!
  2. Just ran into this problem for the first time, running Update: After rebooting, it's now working normally again
  3. Thanks for the info. Is there a way to override this and include embedded instances of the search term?
  4. Looks like embedded "glasses" is indexed (highlighted) only if "glasses" appears elsewhere in the note.
  5. Searching for the word "glasses" brings up all notes containing that word, plus some (but not all) notes containing the word "eyeglasses." If I then add the word "glasses" to those notes not found previously, they will then come up in the search with the word highlighted, in addition to highlighting of "glasses" in the term "eyeglasses." Can someone explain this behavior? Thanks!
  6. Does anyone have a URL for 6.7.5? Should it simply be installed over the current version, or would I need to delete the current version and then reinstall? For some reason this site stops at 6.6 - https://evernote.en.uptodown.com/windows/old
  7. Thanks Jefito. Seems I was amending the Capture Screen option instead of Copy Selection. This is what happens when you get old.
  8. Thanks Jefito. What I've always done in the past is to highlight whatever I wanted to save, then press WinKey + N and it would be copied (as text) to Evernote. That's what doesn't seem to work anymore.
  9. I reset the Capture Screen shortcut to Win + N. Now I'm getting a popup message: "Click & drag to clip a portion of the screen. Press control or shift to modify destination." Wondering if this is from Evernote, or maybe something else?
  10. Thanks everyone. I had previously checked options > shortcuts and somehow missed the Capture Screen entry. This is what happens when you get old...
  11. I've always used WindowsKey + N to clip from anywhere. But today that stopped working - it just erases the highlighted passage and replaces it with the letter N. Any idea why this no longer works? Thanks! ...Steve
  12. I understand there are those who prefer to leave it as is (delete without confirmation). Shouldn't be any reason that it can't be optional. But just as an FYI, there are some programs that require confirmations, with no other option - and I find that hitting Delete-Enter is not much slower than hitting just Delete.
  13. True, but it's also exceptionally easy to accidentally hit the delete key and not realize you've deleted one or more notes. Dunno why it's such a big deal for the developers to include an optional confirmation dialog.
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