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  1. These seem like awfully large files, even for text books. Do you know how they were created? If they were scanned, they may have been scanned at overly high resolutions (300 dpi is more than enough) and may have been scanned as color even though the document is B/W. If you have access to a copy of Adobe Acrobat, you could try using it to optimize the scanned file. You could also run it through the compression utility at smallpdf.com I just ran a 1400 page engineering report that was about 70 MB in size and it compressed it (basically reducing the resolution) to about 30 MB. And still very
  2. I'll second the choice of the Epson Workforce scanner family. I got the WF-3640 and use it to scan directly to Evernote or Google Drive. (In scan to Google Drive if I need to do some sort of manipulation or editing of the document or image). This scanner really makes it simple and easy to scan stuff - don't have to fire up the computer, don't have to load up Adobe or other software, Just drop the paper into the doc feeder, mash a couple of buttons and off it goes. Can probably pick up one of these for $120 or so.
  3. Hey Scott, I think I might know what he is talking about. I have been doing receipts in Evernote now for 3 years, and i am still not satisfied on the best way I should use it. The biggest thing Evernote does is it SAVES IT -- you can throw the paper way -- you now always have the receipt and that benifit is HUGE. But does Evernote save me any time getting my expensese together? For Receipts, Not really. Once you take the picture, you have to name it, tag it correctly (or it will just be lost in the mess) but then you have to, at some later date enter the amount in a spreadsheet
  4. Looks like you can. There is an app in Google Play Store for Google Cloud Print. I just went to a page in Chrome on my Galaxy S3, tapped the Menu button and then selected Share. One of the "Share" options was Google Cloud Print. Selected that and all of my Cloud Printer options came up, including my little HP 1000 that I print to.
  5. If nothing else, try using Google Cloud Print from the Evernote Web app. This works for me all the time. I have it pointed to several different printers.
  6. Don't know what's unfriendly about it. When you sign up, you know its a recurring expense so just put it on your calendar (Google or otherwise) with a reminder of the time frame of your choice. Or how about this - put a note with a reminder in Evernote.
  7. Re-ordering attachments is a feature I too would like to see. -- Greg
  8. I picked up the Doxie One a couple weeks ago and it is similar to the Doxie Go. Both scanners capture images without the need of a computer. Turn the scanner on, insert the document and it is pulled through the scanner and the image is captured as individucal JPEGs and stored to the scanner's local memory - either an SD card or, in the case of the Doxie Go, a USB drive or a modest amount of onboard memory. When done scanning, you can pop the SD card out of the scanner and insert it in a computer where you have installed the Doxie software. The software will import the images from SD card.
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