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  1. Yes, Evernote should provide a URL shortener. Recipients of a shared note from me, shortened with goo.gl, received a surprising error message, from Google. Basically, Google said it was a violation of one of its policies, for the URL shortener to have been used. Strange, These were meeting notes I made, containing nothing surprising and certainly nothing along the lines of protected content, trademarked or copyright, etc. It was mildly embarrassing, to me. And probably none of those recipients will be falling over themselves to give Evernote a try.
  2. Yes, I'm seeing the same problem. I'm able to access my notebooks, from a business client's work site (where I am obliged to use IE 9 and cannot install the Evernote Windows application). But all my PDF attachments are inaccessible, from Evernote's web client. I click on the icon for the PDF attachment and Evernote only displays its formatting bar. I see, if instead I choose to share by email the note (the note which contains the PDF files), the note that is received includes the PDF documents as email attachments.
  3. Yup, version (Evernote for Windows) seems to have fixed the problem I was experiencing.
  4. Yep. Restore back to (267915) Prerelease got me back to where I no longer get this error message. Now to ignore Evernote's pleas to automatically update, until the mother ship fixes this problem.
  5. Same problem here. Evernote for Windows consistently produces the error message "An error occured while processing clipped data (conversion failed)." when I clip from Outlook 2010. I haven't tested this with other applications; if Evernote doesn't clip from Outlook, it's of diminishing use to me. Unfortunately, this version is the publicly-available version. Hopefully I can restore to a prior version. Otherwise, I cannot use Evernote until this problem is fixed. Windows 7 Home Premium.
  6. At which point Evernote (which does not yet have a WP7 app) will begin to ignore all those users, too, I suppose.
  7. As a Nokia user, the only thing separating me from a premium Evernote account is a Evernote app for my phone. Evernote shut down its IMAP service, which provided those of us who use Nokia (you know, "second class mobile citizens") with some good functionality. And, we've been clamoring for an app for Symbian phones, for years. $45 a year. All I ask is for a dedicated Evernote app. My Nokia N8 would be so happy.
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