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  1. I'm curious to hear from those who have chosen to install the Legacy version, for purposes of retaining the Outlook (desktop) add-in, and also install and use the latest version of the Evernote desktop application. I've now done this. In one early experiment, I created a new note from within an Outlook item (a meeting) and gave it a tag. When I ran the newest version of Evernote for Windows, and filtered by the tag, the newly-created item was not displayed. However, when I remove the filter, the new item appears as I would expect. However, if I saved the item to Legacy, with no tag, then opened the note in the current Evernote version and tagged it using the tool at the bottom of the note (not using a right-click and then tag), this note now was correctly included in the tag filter. How odd. I'm not sure of the cause or whether this will self-correct. What other strange behaviors are being experienced by people who have chosen to use two versions of Evernote on their PC?
  2. Yes, Evernote should provide a URL shortener. Recipients of a shared note from me, shortened with goo.gl, received a surprising error message, from Google. Basically, Google said it was a violation of one of its policies, for the URL shortener to have been used. Strange, These were meeting notes I made, containing nothing surprising and certainly nothing along the lines of protected content, trademarked or copyright, etc. It was mildly embarrassing, to me. And probably none of those recipients will be falling over themselves to give Evernote a try.
  3. Yes, I'm seeing the same problem. I'm able to access my notebooks, from a business client's work site (where I am obliged to use IE 9 and cannot install the Evernote Windows application). But all my PDF attachments are inaccessible, from Evernote's web client. I click on the icon for the PDF attachment and Evernote only displays its formatting bar. I see, if instead I choose to share by email the note (the note which contains the PDF files), the note that is received includes the PDF documents as email attachments.
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