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  1. Hello Evernote Team, I updated to the latest Evernote Windows version yesterday. Here are some of the issues I found so far. I have tried not to repeat the same stuff that others have already pointed out. Clipped bookmarks can't be edited in the new editor. It is possible to do so in the legacy version. Since it is not possible to clip content to existing notes, I manually copy the bookmarks and paste them in existing notes when needed. In the legacy version, pasting bookmarks was no different from clipping them. In the new version, manually pasting a bookmark results in loss of formatting. Strangely, if I press undo (Ctrl + Z) after pasting, the bookmark gets its formatting back (How I manually paste bookmarks - Open a webpage - Click the Evernote extension - Select Bookmark - Use mouse to select the bookmark that appears - Go to Evernote and manually paste it in an existing note) When I clip a bookmark, the card is displayed with a globe icon and Web Clip title next to it. When I manually paste a bookmark, the card has a paste icon and HTML Content title. Is there a way to make both of them look consistent? In the legacy version, both operations result in the same content and formatting. When in Dark Mode, some bookmark titles are displayed with the wrong background and color. For example, when I manually copy-paste multiple bookmarks to a single note, this is how it looks in the new version.
  2. I would also add Twitter threads to this request. Given how common it is to find interesting and insightful content on Twitter and Reddit threads these days, it would be really helpful if the web clipper can parse Twitter and Reddit threads better.
  3. I have posted an idea that might work as a substitute for this. Please check and upvote if you think it will be useful
  4. Since clipping an article to an existing note is not possible, please add a 'Copy to clipboard' option to the web clipper. Such an option will help users to copy the clipped content to an existing note easily.
  5. Not sure why you are unable to see the 'Mic' icon on the keyboard @RavBoy. I got it by default without enabling any special option in settings (I tried it just now once again to verify). A simple google search for "microphone icon missing windows touch keyboard" is showing many results from Microsoft Answers website. Please see if any of those posts can assist you in this. Once it starts working, check out this article for the various voice commands you can use - https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/86424-use-dictation-desktop-touch-keyboard-windows-10-a.html While searching about this, I also came to know you can just use Windows + H shortcut to directly open the Mic option without opening the keyboard. Very handy if you can get it working.
  6. There is another free and built-in Windows 10 option you can try @RavBoy. Apart from the crappy offline voice to text feature in Windows 10, Microsoft also offers a newer cloud-based dictation feature that's far more accurate (less accurate than Google's offering though). To use it, you have to just open the Touch Keyboard (not the old on-screen keyboard) in Windows 10 (maybe available even in Windows 8) and hit the microphone key whenever you want to dictate something. Check this link - https://support.microsoft.com/en-in/help/4028719/windows-10-open-the-touch-keyboard
  7. Since Evernote is working on a brand new app for Windows, I hope they look into this. Or at least give us some way to type our notes with voice.
  8. Hi @RavBoy - You are not the only one who is looking to use speech-to-text tech to dictate notes on PC. There are many Evernote users who are looking for a similar functionality. On Android, its extremely easy to dictate notes using voice typing in Gboard (Google's keyboard app for Android). On iOS, you can use Apple's dictation feature for the same. It's only on Windows, we don't have a good speech-to-text capabilities built into the OS. The one that comes in Windows 10 built-in is terrible, and is no where close to the accuracy of Google and Apple's offerings. (Fun fact- Even dictation.io uses Google Speech Recognition to transcribe your spoken words into text) I you want to use speech-to-text often on Windows 10, you should look into Dragon naturally speaking software from Nuance. It's expensive but is the absolute best in speech recognition. It's even better than what Google offers and works without any internet connection. It allows you to use voice to type wherever there is a text field in Windows, so its not limited to just one or two apps. Some Evernote users have been asking for better integration with Dragon naturally speaking in another thread, but unfortunately we haven't seen any progress in this regard. Even with what we have today, Dragon naturally speaking software is your best bet if you want to use speech to text extensively on Windows
  9. Won't it make sense to completely remove it by moving those three Windows buttons one step below? I don't know of the technical difficulties but asking it only from a design perspective. It appears to me like wasted space for those three buttons and the Evernote branding
  10. Thanks @jefito I edited the post and moved some of the suggestions to the Windows section.
  11. I posted some of my suggestions in the General Feature Requests category and was advised to post the Windows-specific feature requests here. Since Evernote is working on new Windows apps, I thought of sharing my feature wish list. I hope the team finds them useful and implements at least some of them someday. Make Evernote appear as a target in the Windows 10 share sheet. It will make it incredibly easy to add documents and images without first opening the Evernote app. As you can see OneNote is already doing this (see attached image). Implementing this option will also make it consistent with how sharing works on mobile apps Dark Mode. I know many others have already requested it and you will probably implement it someday. Some form of speech-to-text functionality in your Windows app will help users who are not good at typing or have medical issues. I believe Google already offers top-notch speech-to-text service for third-party apps (https://cloud.google.com/speech-to-text). There are both free and paid plans, I think. Even if only as an Evernote Premium feature, it would be very handy to have speech-to-text capabilities in your app. If that takes too much effort, at the least, make products like Nuance Dragon Professional work well with your desktop app. Lastly, a frame-less design for your Windows app will make it look modern and beautiful. Hoping that the Evernote team will evaluate the feasibility and usefulness of these features
  12. I request the Evernote team to please look into the feasibility of implementing these features. Link previews and embedding YouTube/online videos. Currently, pasting web links and YouTube video links into Evernote doesn’t offer any kind of visual identifiers to quickly find what we want. OneNote app (at least the Windows version) already offers an option for embedding online videos. Not sure what magic Notion is doing but they are doing a great job at clipping articles on the web. When I share an article on my mobile browser or a desktop browser to Notion, the app removes all the ads, identifies the beginning and the end of the article correctly, removes complicated formatting etc. and presents the article in a neatly formatted manner. In fact, sharing the article to the Notion app first and then copying it to Evernote is more efficient than clipping the article to Evernote directly and formatting it. Saving online articles is such a core function to a service like Evernote that I hope you look into what Notion is doing and replicate some of that magic. Twitter has become so huge and important that there are many instances where users would like to save a single tweet or a thread. Currently, taking screenshots is the only efficient way to store tweets and tweet threads. Please see if you can make improvements in this area. As of now, no note-taking app is doing a good job when it comes to savings tweets. Maybe it’s an opportunity for Evernote to differentiate itself by incorporating some of the Threadreaderapp (https://threadreaderapp.com) functionality, even if only as a premium feature. Note: I moved some of the Windows-specific requests that I posted earlier to the respective section.
  13. What purpose does the title bar in Evernote Windows app serve? Isn't it a waste of space? Why can't the minimize, maximize, and close options be moved one step below to eliminate the title bar altogether. Apart of taking up space, the title bar also makes the app look ugly. Please consider removing it from the new Windows app that you are working on.
  14. Is it possible to make Evernote generate a link preview when an URL is pasted (like how it works on Twitter and other services)? If it cannot do that, I request the Evernote team to consider adding this feature in one of the upcoming updates? It will make it easy to know what a particular link is when going through the notes.
  15. On the Evernote YouTube channel, I saw a two-month old video about the Windows beta version with new editor. It was supposed to be available soon. Is it already released? I couldn't find it on the beta section in the forums.
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