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  1. Is there a way to hide everything later on in a note, until you press space to get to it. I know about line breaks to make sure it stops at it, but you can still see below the line break before you get to it. Thanks CS
  2. Hi there, I am an avid Evernote user and I really want to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking dictation software to create notes in Evernote. I can dictate into the title bar. However, when I dictate into the note area a dictation box comes up. This makes it slightly annoying to use on a regular basis. Seeing as this does not happen in the title bar area, I wonder if you can easily change things so that I can dictate straight into the notetaking area. Thanks CS
  3. Any more updates on this? It's making evernote almost impossible to use.
  4. Two things about stacking tags in Windows version 5: 1. When I add a tag to a stack, it opens the stack which is almost always annoying and unnecessary. 2. I can't seem to highlight multiple tags and add them to the same stack. One thing about tagging notes: 3. It would be good if adding tags searched all parts of the tag, rather than just looks for the tags which begin - so when I start to tag a note 'Mand' it finds the tag I want 'Nelson Mandela' If there are fixes or work-arounds to these I'd like to know, if not this is a feature request. best, CS
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