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  1. I agree with the original poster, and I think that in general Evernote should give the user more control over how to display the information. Additionally, we should be able to see note contents in as many columns as our displays can afford (I know that the OP says that this is possible already, but it's not for me). I also like the response "This request is for the Evernote app on my computer.". It is a general request, and it should apply to all the devices that make sense, in this case the ones with big screens like browser, Window, Mac, etc. The response is so obvious that aski
  2. I'm working on my notes from the web browser and I get 3 or 4 copies of the same note that I'm working on, for some unknown reason. Why is this? It is really not convenient as I have to go deleting them.
  3. For years, Google Docs has allowed multiple users to work on the same file at the same time. Evernote should do the same for notes. It seems like a completely necessary feature, as more and more apps incorporate this ability. This would also solve the problem of the anoying note duplicates when working offline. Evernote, please allow for multiple user working on a note simultaneously!
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