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  1. Thank you. I am glad that somebody from EN answer here ...
  2. thank you problem is disappeared after two days, just after I created ticket today Desktop Win same Machine yes, I use mobile client
  3. Similar issues last two days. Cannot sync desktop EN. Online EN is ok.
  4. yes, I wait impatiently whet it will be implemented in Evernote
  5. >stored as a separate note This is just workaround. If user wants to read fast whole document he needs to make a lot of useless clicks, jumping to other notes and back. Just imagine if Microsoft forces users to make a lot of Word files only to divide one document for sections "sections" are not always big parts of text. It can be just a big paragraph that flows out of current screen. So TOC is very helpful. good examples from Google (sure in EN it can be much simpler designed):
  6. Voted. Only 3 votes? EN loses to Google Docs in that... >>Why is it impossible? Because some typical manual usually is a single document. You will give the user in discomfort trying to read many notes instead of one. A document must be read back and forth. If user lost in big text, he always can return to TOC and click any topic. If the text is long enough, you must provide user some simple navigation. Like interactive or clickable TOC. The navigation anchors (eg. topic1#) is also good solution, because you can use it anywhere in text.
  7. How to vote for TOC inside a note? For this goal HTML anchors style may be used, like ReferenceTopic1# ReferenceTopic2# ...
  8. Yes, is would be great useful to have such anchors like anchor1# anchor2# ... For example you write some long manual for users. It is impossible to break it to multiple notes. So the clickable TOC is nesessary. How can I vote for this feature? Thanks Vladimir
  9. Yes. Terrible web design, especially for tables . Need to be adaptive or at least wider. . It seems that EN support don't pay attention for claimed simple issues for years.
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