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  1. This is a good point - I was also wanting to change the layout but failed to find a way to do this. Also, I would suggest the search bar be moved from where it is now and over to the main note window, easier to use, more accessible
  2. This does not have to do (directly) with the remake but I think it is worth flagging: I take notes and was using the Evernote business notebooks. They are no longer available. I purchased the smaller version of the notebook. The reminder icon has disappeared - it was useful Suggestion: I think it would be nice to have an edition of the notebook without the 3 months subscription: For those who have a subscription it makes no sense to purchase them. How about a template (A4/A5) that can be used as an alternative to the notebooks if they are being phased out? The App would recognize the layout and deliver the great user experience and people like myself are seeking to bridge digital and analogic. Last (but not least) - integration with MailButler. There are many bugs there in the syncing process. I know this is probably out of scope but it is definitely another feature that I use within my ecosystem.
  3. Thanks for echoing that! I was on the phone earlier today with a prospect and they were a bit annoyed about the way the notes are rendered on the web because of this limitation: ideally the web should be responsive - let's see if anything happens ...
  4. Thank you for your reply DT, View in Evernote implicates the user must have an account and login - this is not always the case, especially if we are talking about reporting functions. 800px is an extremely conservative layout IMHO and we could really benefit from a more generous web canvas allocation for these cases. In my experience I use shared public links very often and so would the Client I am working with who would hopefully signup for 2o business seats Sante
  5. Hi Evernote Team, I am working at a proposal for a Client - Their request is rather challenging and I'm doing my best to offer a solution to the problems they'd like to solve using Evernote. They are essentially wanting to transform many of their existing (reporting) documents from excel and Word over to Evernote. One thing I noticed that is a real show stopper is the Evernote website canvas: it's only 800 px wide! This is very very limiting when you need to share documents created for the web. I have spent the last few days pushing evernote to the limit but I hit the ceiling every time due to the 800px limit We cannot overrride - I would suggest this limit be pushed upwards to (at least) 1024, and if possible offer the possibility to personalize the canvas width (that would be great) Hope this helps and can be done, Sante
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