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  1. Well, generally the desktop app seems to have been running a bit more smoothly since making the adjustments suggested. Still the occasional 'not responding' moments but they definitely don't last for as long as they did, and I haven't had any total seizures of late. 😎
  2. Thanks guys - some useful tips. @PinkElephant - OK found those settings (CTRL/ALT in windows) - I'll give rebuild a shot tomorrow - see what happens. Your point about speedtest sounds right. @CalS - yes I've already got that sync option off (not by design; I think it might be the default) and I've changed the delay setting as you suggest - see what happens. Take your point about reducing background processing loads. None of these issues are a plague, just irritating. This AM it was real pain but as I said, turns out it was not a failing of EN. If I notice any improvement
  3. Thanks for responding guys. All tips gratefully received and I have already tried some of them ... but mea culpa I should have answered my own post earlier because when I was out during the day I learned that in my part of the UK there has been a network issue affecting the whole region (Wales and the South). In the end the issue was principally to do with a segment of the national network...strange that my speedtest didn't show up any slowdown though) ... ... BUT one reason for writing in the first place, out of frustration, is that I do find EN a bit tardy when it syncs and as I said, I
  4. PS Now the forum is "not responding"!!!
  5. Evernote (Windows desktop) is often pretty bad when syncing - it frequently locks up with a 'not responding' state. Hasn't been too bad the last few days but this morning I simply cannot work with it! Every time I search for a note it locks up. Done all the usual stuff (cleaning out caches, restart, checking my broadband connection - no issues) so I guess it's a server issue at EN end. Any issues we should know about?
  6. Hi Thanks for the update. On this particular example search works much better, See image: The only interesting detail is that I must have fifty tags like 'surveillance:' followed another keyword or phrase. (My convention is colon always has a space after it ...) Of course, it would be horrendous for search to pull all of them up and anyway I should attempt to qualify the search term 'surveillance: with a following space and letter etc. See next image for example: The only (minor) puzzle is that what is retrieved by search seems somewhat arbitrary. But th
  7. New search in online Beta Issue! It works well BUT I have made esxtneisve use of a colon separator as part of my tagging (it allows a crude sort of hierarchy). e.g. surveillance: classrooms surveillance: facial recognition algorithms: bias etc. It was never obvious that I should not do this and Evernote never blocked the use of the colon in tags. So I have *lots* of tags structured like this. But the new Search does not allow me to search for a tag+colon, e.g. if I search for 'surveillance:' EN does not filter tags constructed like that ... it just does
  8. All fair enough ... I'm just seeing it from my point of view ... but yes the world of software users is a big place with too many lemons in it! Thanks for the reply - it's appreciated 😉
  9. Thanks for your helpful reply. I didn't quite make my tagging issue clear but I've got over it now and moved on! (I was really talking about add text tags to a document to give an indivdiual document unique tags ...) I surely appreciate the scale of the issue regarding tracking of forums posts but I guess I am griefing about (a) long delays between updates and (b) the question of how the user finds out what's in the timeline. That could be fairly simply handled by a regular sticky post at the top of the forum or maybe an opt-in newsletter. Such an approach would satisfy occasional moaner
  10. The article linked by Dave-in-Decatur is not very comforting. It makes out that everyone is working flat out but *still* no updates and *still* no hint from Evernote about forthcoming releases and still I keep finding annoying little 'features'. The post does not even make clear which editor it refers to .... (web or desktop) ... I also note that the post shows plenty of staff with nice working facilities - smiling happy faces, so at least evernote staff are content ... but ... An annoying feature: Why can't I search for a # character? No mention of this anywhere in help that I can f
  11. A shout out for the Windows web clipper: I find it's a pretty good tool; I have several topic notebooks and plenty of tags and the clipper seems to have a good try and identifying a notebook and even a suitable tag. Quite often it is very helpful.
  12. I agree that commenting and improved annotation are desirable (the beta web app allows different colour highlighting - good; but the Windows desktop still doesn't!!!) For commenting in the desktop app I find code blocks (SH-CTRL-L) useful. I add comments after a paragraph. Code block is not ideal but it adds formatting automatically that differentiates it from main text. Marginal comments, or pop-out comments would be be better. Is there a need to explain why commenting is useful or is it obvious? (I think it is obvious, but evernote may not think so!).
  13. Like many I continue to be frustrated with the inconsistencies across the various apps for evernote. The Chromebook 'desktop app' (from the PlayStore) just seems to be a version of the old classic web app and bears no comparison with the Windows desktop (and presumably the Mac desktop). In others words, it's horrible! I too preferred the classic web app but having been pointed towards the newer beta version I do ind that a slight improvement but agree it is does not enable the kind of work you can do with the desktop app. The Windows desktop app lacks many features it really ought t
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