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  1. That's the whole point of Evernote, though, to be a "robust note keeping software". The genesis of EN is to "Remember Everything", not to create a note that things disappear from when completed. Granted, that feature would be useful to many, but it's not the scope of what EN was created to do. For someone like me who needs a place to store things because my memory stinks, EN is awesome, to-do list or not. I have other tools for to-do's. Evernote is where I put things to remember and retrieve, not my task lists. As a "Remember Everything" tool I'm quite content with there being no changes to my notes that I don't specifically do... even to the point of moving checked tasks to the bottom. Realize, not everyone wants to use EN the same way and for the guy that's doing certain tasks to reorder or remove them when checked is not going to work. I'm not picking on you Ken, yours was just the closest expression of the sentiment to my reply. Unfortunately, no matter how many people want a certain feature there are always others, most of whom the first group never knows about, that don't want it and someone has to make the decision. Personally I feel that EN has done a pretty good job of sticking to the original goal and has given us some good features to do that. Not everyone is perfectly matched to those features, but if they did what is suggested by the OP's requirements then I, and many others, would be equally disappointed. Remember, a Jaguar is not well suited to hauling dirt but no one complains to them about their small cargo space. (At least I hope not!)
  2. I take spells of organizing. I will usually go for a month without sorting what I have but there comes a time when the mess "bugs" me and I'll put things in the right folders/tags/etc. You are right - folder or not Evernote just finds things! Thanks for taking the time to write this. There are a lot of articles here about the 16 levels of organization that people use and it's good to see someone else saying how well EN works with zero organization. All we have to do is remember to put it in and learn how to search (advanced search helps!) and it works for us too!
  3. We do this where I work. We happen to have a separate company-only premium account but you could do as Grumpy says and use a shared folder from one person's account. For us we have a company account that has a KnowledgeBase notebook shared with all users giving permission. I can from my account create new notes, etc. The only thing I can't do is create new tags - the main account has to do that. I've not checked it lately but that used to be the case.
  4. I know this isn't exactly what is being asked for but it may be an alternative if it fits your needs. The new Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 will scan wirelessly (after initial setup) to an iPhone, iPad or Android device on the same wireless network.
  5. That's great! Thanks! One suggestion for the future may be to separate lists by primary language as an option. I only speak English (typical American) so the other languages don't mean much to me. I don't know if there would be many using it but perhaps. Well done and thanks for keeping up with it too.
  6. And to promote cloudHQ for backups which he is a founder of. 10) Backup And Sync Files To Other Cloud Services With cloudHQ:" It sounds like a good service but I have this funny taste in my mouth now because of the way I found it.
  7. Thanks Grumpy. I only use English text but your settings definitely do apply. In fact, I did my own testing and ended up with almost the exact same conclusions. The only difference is that much of what I scan is crumpled receipts or things like my electric bill which is printed in almost-black on yellow paper so I opted for grayscale as the default. B&W is just a bit too unforgiving for most of what I scan. If anyone else is looking for the best scan settings I'd say start with Grumpy's settings and adjust to meet your specific needs.
  8. I also would recommend against so much categorizing. You mentioned one possibility of "Tutorials", "Blog Posts", "Interesting Techniques". I always get myself in trouble like that because I end up saving an interesting technique in a tutorial that is in a blog post . The question I always ask myself is "is this level of detail necessary when I'm looking for a way to do X?" It helps me keep it somewhat generic and to let Evernote search do the work.
  9. This is why I built my system in three pieces - each leveraging it's strength. 1. Evernote to remember everything - Resource File in GTD Terms. 2. iCal / google calendar for time dependent reminders. 3. Omnifocus for task management. For me Evernote is the best reference system but a lousy reminder or task list manager. I encourage you to find what works well for you and not try to force anyone else's system if it doesn't feel right. Best wishes finding your perfect system.
  10. Hey gang. I'm running the 5.0.0 public beta 2 version and although I can't drag notes to tags I CAN drag tags to notes. I know this is not optimal, especially for multiple notes at once, but for that you can use the multi-tags Jackolicious mentions for that. You can also multi-select notes and then drag a tag to one of them to apply it to all selected notes. To see the list of tags so you can drag, make sure you View/Show Sidebar and in View/Sidebar Options choose to Show Tag List. There is also an option to Show Notebooks if you like that. It gets a bit large with Notebooks and/or Tags showing but for big sorting/classifying operations it's worth it to turn on for awhile. For my version you drag notes to notebooks or drag tags to notes. Hope it helps!
  11. I like the new UI, but maybe I'm alone. It is good to see Evernote move forward, even with missteps, rather than being content with past success. I would advise you to be very careful though if you want to downgrade... even if you got the old version off a backup the database wouldn't be compatible since it was updated for v5. It may even lead to corruption so please wait to see if Evernote answers this before trying to hack together a downgrade.
  12. If CW is only grabbing a picture of the tags, and it looks that blurry, could you use Skitch to get it. I've had great clarity with Skitch and it's an Evernote product as well.
  13. Hey, GM, thanks for presenting your preference and then the alternates instead of soapboxing your favorite. It's nice to see someone offering suggestions instead of trying to convince everyone their way is right. Evernote can be "all that" for everyone regardless of their preferences!
  14. I explained sponsored accounts to my boss like this: "It is MY Evernote account, you just get to pay for it". He does anyway but the sponsored account would save him some cash since there are 7 of us using it. Something to keep in mind that my boss pointed out is that if you have a premium account and sign on to the sponsored accounts you will lose your original time and it will be for 1 year from the sponsorship. I'm sure this is to avoid an accounting nightmare and to have all accounts come due at the same time but it is important to note if you have anyone that's already an Evernote user.
  15. Hi Johnny, I wanted to tell you one way I use tags because they help me handle my bills and information to store "for later" and may help you. I read this in a post somewhere and adapted it to my own thing and it works great for me. I have tags that help categorize things. I have a "medical", "banking", "tax receipt", "Room" (building a storage room, etc. This lets me group things together but not discreetly as in a "it's either this or that" manner. I also have tags for when - "2011", "2012" and "01 - Jan", "02 - Feb" etc. This lets me associate a time with everything I enter, if it is needed. If not then I don't struggle to figure out which group it's in. My Electric bill is easy - "04 - April" and "2012". If It's not obvious then I skip that. Finally, I have tags for people who are heavily in my life - "me", "Mom", "[my girlfriend]", etc. The way this works for me is when I get a lab report from the doctor for Mom's bloodwork (she's disabled and I care for her) I categorize it "2012" "04 - April" "Mom" "Medical" and I actually have a sub-tag for "Labs". Easy to buzz through them and like I said, it groups things together that I may want to look up: Mom's labs, all medical for this month, etc. I hope this is something that you can use or inspires you to go your own way... that's what Evernote's about - make it your own and have fun!
  16. The way I use Evernote, as an example, is to have notebooks like a student in school, one for each major subject. Tags can go cross-notebooks, of course, so a note in the Math notebook could have "Test material" the same way a note in the English notebook could. I'm not a student but this way of looking at it helps me conceptualize it. I also have tags for year and month for various bills, lab reports, etc. If I get an electric bill I'll tag it "2012" and "04 - April" and "Bill" so I can search them all together if I need to see where my money went - a common occurrence lately The downside to this approach is if I make my notebooks too detailed. "Medical" is fine, if I make one for "Doctor Visit", "Lab Report", "Bill", etc then I'll make myself crazier. Even if they are grouped into the same stack it's easier to not have to decide if this bill for a lab test goes under lab or bill! The bottom line is, of course, that Evernote is flexible enough for each of us to do what works for us. Do what works for you and enjoy it instead of trying to fit into someone else's model.
  17. Lol Jeff! A couple of tips for the photos. Make sure you get some kind of stand that allows you to angle the albums to catch the best light possible while at the same time keeping your phone's shadow off of it. Get an app that can help you clean up your snapshot. There was an article on Jotnot integration with Evernote for example. You need a tool in case you are at a slight angle - the album won't be square. I think the merged notes may be a good solution. Make sure to let us know how it turns out and what you learn as you do it.
  18. Another point in addition to what GHall wrote is that not only are they systems we create that are flexible enough to change as needed, they are also systems WE created so they are perfect for each of us. If I have to use Tags and hate them then I'll not flow well in that system. If I can use naming or notebooks to do what works for me then I can flow easily in it since it is the same as I think. For me it made the most sense to create a notebook for tax information since I don't normally scan pharmacy receipts for any other reason. If something came up that didn't fit, however, I could easily switch to using Tags and leave the stuff in the appropriate notebook.
  19. Or at least faster. One pass gets 2 pages at a time. I have Scansnap S1300 (not a heavy duty scanner) and scanned a 600 page book rather easily. It wasn't too bad and didn't take nearly as long as I though, but I may not do it again. The reasons? 1. I don't have that many books I actually look at (my college physics book cost over $60 and I hate the thought of throwing it out but haven't looked at it more than twice since I graduated (25 yrs)) 2. It's a pain to "de-bind" the book. 3. Everything in my programming books is either outdated or easily found online so I should probably donate them to a library rather than scan them. I did the one book after reading about it here and wanted to see how it went. The only downside is that it broke my one huge scan into blocks of about 40 pages each. I'm sorry I'm not positive about which program but I am pretty sure it was the Scansnap software that did this, presumably to limit the size of the files. I just named them Part1, Part2, etc and put them into a separate notebook titled the same as the book. I also found the cover online and put that jpeg in to be complete.
  20. I'd like to see more on the topic but that was indeed a good article. Thanks for linking!
  21. Belated welcome Matt, I want to reassure you that whether others may think it is offensive or not, the only thing that matters is "Does the system work for you?"! Anyone offended by your system is paying too much attention to others and should keep their noses to themselves. Now a healthy exchange of ideas about how to best do something is good, but condemning someone who wants to do it differently is not. My "Was on, wax off" (see, I'm old so I refer to the first movie. LOL) way to introduce someone to Evernote is this: Add everything you can into Evernote. If you ever need it then you can get it. It is easier to just add it than to worry about whether you will ever need it. Then if you have any need to group things consider notebooks or tags, whichever feels best. Then after that you should explore all the corners of the system and refine it to meet your needs and run with it. I would caution the beginner, however, against adding 30 tags to each note to cover every little thing. For instance, I could add a lab report from my last blood work and tag it: Lab, blood, doctor, cholesterol, iron, sugar, diabetes, HA1C, triglycerides, etc. but the best thing for me is to simply label it: Jim, Lab, 2011, 12 - December. The rest of the information is in the note itself and can be searched when needed. To me the beauty of Evernote is that it has all of these organizational tools for us to use in whichever way we want.
  22. Hi MJSA. This link at Postbox tells two ways to create a note in Evernote from Postbox. Hope it helps: http://support.postbox-inc.com/entries/20619626-using-postbox-with-evernote
  23. I've not checked the trunk lately - something I have to do today - but the tools I use most with Evernote are: Fujitsu Scansnap S1300 for scanning all my receipts, lab reports, bills, everything I can put my hands on. My trash can for all the paper I scan into Evernote with the Scansnap. Android phone for mobile access and quick snapshot. I love the new speech-to-text feature! Samsung printer for dealing with people that don't use Evernote I would use Hello and Food but alas, there is no Android version... yet. Thanks for the nudge back into the trunk to see what's new.
  24. Hi Lindsey, I work for a company that sells tour and attraction tickets online. We have a core team of 6 people and a couple more on contract as needed. We used other tools to keep our Knowledge Base (KB) of information but it was never solid. The tools we had were inconvenient, unruly, and not good at searching for answers. When I found Evernote I had to bring it to the team and they were so impressed it was only 2 days later that we started importing KB articles... even before we understood much about it! Now we each have individual accounts for personal information - I mean, anyone who uses Evernote and doesn't go "all out" with it is missing a wonderful thing, IMO. Besides our individual accounts we have one corporate account that contains all our KB articles in a single notebook with about 30 tags. It could be done differently but this is what works best for us. This notebook is then shared to all the team members with modify privileges so we can each update and add to the sum or our corporate knowledge. All it takes is for me to click on Shared Notebooks and I have access to "everything we know"! Like any company we have to remind everyone from time to time to update Evernote. I'm the worst... every time someone says something new or that something changed I'll say "Is it in Evernote?" They get tired of hearing it but it makes a difference. Without commitment the process will break down but that is true of any process, especially one consisting of several people. The other thing is I have to remind them to search Evernote before going to ask another team member. If I can get these two things into everyday practice we will be running at peak performance. The shortcomings of this method are: 1. Tags can not be added by team members. This is also a benefit in that it keeps us from having an exploding number of tags. 2. The web experience is slightly different than the (Mac) client I use. A small thing but for some it is important. Overall, the shared notebook is an awesome tool for our company to store all of our information - things like suppliers, marketing, pricing, programming, customer service, useful articles in the trade, etc. Without Evernote we would not have the information at hand that we do. To answer your other question, we have not used Evernote for collaboration. The boss is still partial to Google Docs for some reason but there is nothing there that we can't emulate in Evernote for our needs. We occasionally have outside contractors do work for us and I can see that a shared Evernote notebook for each project would be super. We would have permanent records and could share with the contractor for any collaboration that needs to be done "on paper". Now if I can just talk the boss into springing for the Sponsored Groups purchase! (Honestly, Evernote is invaluable to me and I don't begrudge the low cost of the Premium account!)
  25. I never thought of Evernote as a writing tool. I often drag pdf's or add web clippings. If I have to compose something longer than a sentence or two I usually use TextEdit and Marked (Multi-Markdown Rendering Tool) and copy-paste or drag the final document in. I think JMichael has the best method currently available in Evernote.
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