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  1. Search broken here too. I tried upgrading to latest version, Mac 10.8.4. I'm running Mojave 10.14.6. All attempts yield message "No notes found Try using a different keyword or filter."
  2. Tried the keyboard shortcut, it's way clunky. We deserve this feature! Come on! I pay $70/year and typing "intitle:" is something I do 50x a day! Love this product. The only things I think the devs should be working on is: 1) Speed; 2) Intitle shortcut.
  3. Appreciate these responses, but honestly, going to a 3rd-party workaround is a royal pain. Considering the prevalence of this use-case, it should really be a feature of the core product, no? Also, I want it for all devices (in my case Mac and iPhone, for now).
  4. Most of my searches are "intitle:" Instead of having to type it out every time, it would be great to get a keyboard shortcut or other method to reduce keystrokes. Please!
  5. This just happened to me this morning for no discernible reason. Literally, MacBook Pro just slept through the night, then after waking this morning, I started getting the prompt. I have auto-updates turned off, so from my end it appears absolutely nothing changed. Also, I was not able to clear the prompt with "Allow" or "Always Allow" it just kept reappearing. Applied the fix via Terminal and it seems to have worked.
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