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  1. i tried this..but for some unknown reason, it is not working
  2. I also created an autohotkey to insert intitle: Now if i press F6 the cursor will move to search bar... then if i presee F7.. "intitle:" will be inserted....
  3. I tried a lipboard software.. does not help.. I still have the problem. All those who answered for this problem, just said that they done have the problem... IS there no solution to this... Please note that the "pictures" are pasted double.. not the text..
  4. Copy paste from evernote to word - always pastes DOUBLE If press Ctrl+A and then copy the contents in a note... then if i paste it in Word... all the pictures in the note is pasted as DOUBLE... but the text is single... this is a serious issue.. please rectify it as soon as possible
  5. when I copy and paste from evernote to word... pictures... it always appears as double paste
  6. I don't want to type intitle: always. Please add the option to search only the title of the note in search settings PERMANENTLY. Thank you.
  7. Copying from evernote windows and pasting into Word 2016 ISSUE Whenever I ccopy anything from evernote (windows app) and paste into Microsoft word... IT IS ALWAYS PASTING AS DOUBLE !! ie if I copy 2 lines and 2 pictures... then the first line will be pasted twice and so on... Please solve this. I am a paid user.
  8. Please add the option to crop and edit the photo captured using camera.. immediately.. The option is usually available only after the image is inserted to the note... which we need to annotate the image and then crop... this is multiple steps.... please make it simple
  9. I am also thinking of cancelling my premium membership since evernote is not adding the requested features...
  10. I am a doctor who saves 100's of clinical materials in evernote… and during clinicsl rounds I need to search and get the result at once. when I open evernote using the search widget, it will still remember the old search term … then I have the trouble to go erase that, bring the keyboard up and type my new search term... this is cumbersome to use... please implement a personalization in that place, where you can select whether save last searched words, or always reset. It would be very useful. Thank you
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