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  1. Please add the option to crop and edit the photo captured using camera.. immediately.. The option is usually available only after the image is inserted to the note... which we need to annotate the image and then crop... this is multiple steps.... please make it simple
  2. hafeesh

    Different Colors for Highlighter

    I am also thinking of cancelling my premium membership since evernote is not adding the requested features...
  3. I am a doctor who saves 100's of clinical materials in evernote… and during clinicsl rounds I need to search and get the result at once. when I open evernote using the search widget, it will still remember the old search term … then I have the trouble to go erase that, bring the keyboard up and type my new search term... this is cumbersome to use... please implement a personalization in that place, where you can select whether save last searched words, or always reset. It would be very useful. Thank you
  4. multi colour highlighting options needed for android and windows app
  5. Android app should have option to search only in title by default
  6. I find trouble while searching in evernote. Android I need to search things in one tap... but the app makes search only after 3-4 touches... if I had already made a search, it will appear again when I try to search again... moreover the cursor will not be in place... I need to click on x button and make it there... then the keyboard pops up with a delay.... etc etc... please review the search function and make it a ONE TOUCH SEARCH ... ALSO include the option to set as default to search only in the title...not in contents.... which is making the search slow......