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  1. Pretty sad indictment on the EN community... I don't get this response from MSFT people...
  2. Clearly you aren't hearing the problems that people in the community are raising. When EN goes to tell someone there's an update, it brings itself forward and disrupts whatever it is you're doing. I might be typing an email in Outlook and without notice, EN will have an update and take itself from hidden or minimised and display a message prompt saying an update is available, taking focus away from the window I was using. It's an extremely poor user experience. And good to see that people in this forum "care" for the experience of others. You clearly don't have anything constructive to add, so perhaps keep to writing your thoughts in EN and not in this forum. I hope for the sake of the EN community you are not a developer or in anyway associated with EN with an attitude like that.
  3. This annoyed me so much that I have cancelled my Evernote subscription. Clearly the folks at Evernote aren't smart enough to look at other 'self-updating' apps like Chrome, Firefox or Office and implement some kind of mechanism where the Evernote app doesn't take over the screen and disrupt your work to say an update is available. It could self-update after app exit and relaunch like Chrome does, or provide a system notification saying an update is available like Office does. It's a shame because there are some cool features in the app, but all of those mean absolutely nothing when such a poor user experience is delivered.
  4. This annoyed me so much that I cancelled my Evernote subscription. Went back to OneNote.
  5. Hi there. I am an EN Pro subscriber. I have EN installed on my Apple M1 Mac and it seems like every second day I am being prompted to download and install an update. If I have the app open in the background, when the EN upgrade popup decides to trigger, it brings EN to the front and disrupts whatever I'm working on. In a previous forum post, it seems there's an option on Windows to disable automatic checks for the Windows app. Can this please be done for the Mac version?
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