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  1. The problem persists. Version: 10.7.6-mac-ddl-public (2321) Absolutely disappointing that Evernote hasn't fixed this yet. I've cancelled my premium subscription anyway.
  2. I am absolutely stunned by how unprofessional Evernote's management must be, especially considering the company's reach. Ok, we understand the software has a bug ,and that's fine, it happens. But what I really don't get is the fact that it's a known issue and you've been "working on it" since September 4th (date of the OP)! How come you are still working on it?? It seems that Evernote is no longer listening to what its users want. For this and many other reasons, I quit Evernote premium and switched to a different software for my note taking. Truly, it was some of my worst spent money ever...
  3. It appears that the solution on Mac is to hold the Option key while clicking the "Help" tab and then Troubleshooting/Recreate Full Text Search Index. I'm surprised why this issue happened in the first place though. Thank you!
  4. Hello, The search function within a note seems to not be working properly. Let's say I want to search the word "company" within the note. The search yields 164 matches, but it highlights irrelevant areas in the text and I can't navigate through the matched words within the note. I'm attaching a screenshot. Thank you
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