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  1. @phils and @SVHOODS, Ultimately shortly this week I am also aiming to integrate it with Intergromat to have it automatically add a new row to my contacts DB when a new card is scanned in Evernote. Feel free to share if ideas, and if you are interested in this further I can share more too.
  2. @SVHOODS and @phils, Thank you both for the GREAT info and Phil for creating a valuable tool. I have a question for each of you that I'd love your solution idea on, a general question, and an idea that can be helpful to you: I'm super appreciative for your input and extra appreciative if you may have time to reply today (or tomorrow). @phils- Do you have or can you very much PLEASE include the following 4 items in the export/conversion process: card image, image file name, a custom field that the user creates, and back of card? @SVHOODS- Do you get (or can you get) the: (1) card images exported from Evernote (into a desktop file and/or moves directly into your CRM), and (2) the file names in some format that shows which contact each card is associated with? ALL- General question- How do you convert a .ENEX to .XML or CSV ? I exported to XML but it gave me a ENEX file and my XML uploader cannot read it. So, looking to open or convert the ENEX to XML (or CSV ideally). And, can you export to XML/ENEX o the web version? Strangely, my Evernote desktop application is not opening today, so I'm using web version. If that happens to you sometimes too, I'm also curious how you solve? Fyi, I found this tool for converting file types very helpful (my use case was XML from another non-Evernote tool to CSV, to then upload the CSV elsewhere). Check it out, it may be helpful for you too. http://www.convertcsv.com/xml-to-csv.htm is the direct link and for other file type conversions it is http://www.convertcsv.com.
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