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  1. @phils and @SVHOODS, Ultimately shortly this week I am also aiming to integrate it with Intergromat to have it automatically add a new row to my contacts DB when a new card is scanned in Evernote. Feel free to share if ideas, and if you are interested in this further I can share more too.
  2. @SVHOODS and @phils, Thank you both for the GREAT info and Phil for creating a valuable tool. I have a question for each of you that I'd love your solution idea on, a general question, and an idea that can be helpful to you: I'm super appreciative for your input and extra appreciative if you may have time to reply today (or tomorrow). @phils- Do you have or can you very much PLEASE include the following 4 items in the export/conversion process: card image, image file name, a custom field that the user creates, and back of card? @SVHOODS- Do you get (or can you get) the: (1) card images e
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