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  1. Tom Donohue's post in Search using sourceurl parameter isn't working in latest version was marked as the answer   
    Try removing the quotes and submit the following as a search query:
  2. Tom Donohue's post in Issue - Child Tag Search was marked as the answer   
    Yes, currently the behavior for nested tags is to find notes tagged with all child tags included, which is not very useful.
    What do you think about the addition of a simple "any vs. all" option for filters? And filtering by tag would default to any.
    @Drexler Mathias
    I agree. Unfortunately there’s a flaw in the current design where the OR operator is completely ignored.  The design does not account for advanced users that want to utilize boolean logic.
    When the blue filter pills are displayed, all filters are joined by the AND operator. 
  3. Tom Donohue's post in Search - sort by date updated was marked as the answer   
    Thanks for your post.
    Actually I fixed this recently, so that the sort option in Search Results is persisted in the same way as in All Notes. So please expect this in a future update.
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