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Search using sourceurl parameter isn't working in latest version

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I'm trying to search all notes that come from domain X using


This spawns no result. Other searches using operators (tag: / encryption: / etc), all seem to work.

Is there an updated parameter or something like it?

I use the web clipper a lot in my research and I overuse tags but sometimes it is A NECESSITY for me to view keyworks/tags that come from a single source (domain X in this case).

Any way to do this? Is it broken? Will it be fixed?


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13 minutes ago, Ray Sidney-Smith said:

Hi, @Tom Donohue Has this been logged as a bug? I was demonstrating Evernote today and found the sourceurl operator is not working in Evernote Web nor Desktop. I haven't tested Evernote Mobile. 

Working for me on the web and Windows desktop following Tom's search pattern.

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19 minutes ago, Mike P said:

Working for me on the web and Windows desktop following Tom's search pattern.

Unfortunately, it's not working for me across multiple platforms (Web, macOS and Windows), accounts. I'll submit a support ticket. Thanks.

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On 1/15/2021 at 7:08 AM, Tom Donohue said:


Try removing the quotes and submit the following as a search query:



Can confirm this works on the latest Mac version. It'd be useful if the www could be ignored for the search (as in, search with and without www).

In fact, the whole URL thing shouldn't be sourceUrl:medium*?

Discard the protocol and the www all together, let the user set these if they want to, but the domain name should be the expected value for this search operator.

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